Christmas Short Works Collection 2010

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This multilingual Christmas Short Works Collection for 2010 contains public domain short stories, essays, poems and scripture passages recorded by a variety of LibriVox members in English, German and Portuguese. (6 hr 5 min)


25 Dezember 1899 7:23 Read by Hokuspokus
The Arraignment of Christmas 11:23 Read by Algy Pug
Babouscka 3:58 Read by Anne Cheng
Bertie's Christmas Eve 16:18 Read by Ruth Golding
A Child's Story 11:20 Read by Lauren Sauer
Christmas Storms and Sunshine 34:17 Read by Ruth Golding
Christmas Weather in Scotland 9:31 Read by David Lawrence
Colonel Crockett's Co-operative Christmas 43:32 Read by Bill Mosley
The Fairy Christmas 3:50 Read by V.D. Steppan
The First Christmas Tree 11:39 Read by Carol Stripling
Haensel und Gretel 20:16 Read by Hokuspokus
Indian Pete's Christmas Gift 20:17 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Keeping Christmas: A Short Christmas Sermon 4:26 Read by Bill Mosley
The Legend Of The Christmas Tree 6:51 Read by Bill Mosley
Little Jean, A Christmas Story 7:06 Read by Jack Herbert
The Little Match Girl 6:33 Read by Jack Herbert
Looking for Santa Claus 13:16 Read by Maria Therese
A Matter of System 29:22 Read by Cori Samuel
Mattheus, 1.18-2.23 Sancta Biblia (Bible), gospel of Matthew, translated by Ant… 6:05 Read by Leni
Mistletoe 1:10 Read by Winston Tharp
The Mystic's Christmas 2:46 Read by JemmaBlythe
Myths and Legends of Christmastide 15:44 Read by Maria Grazia Tundo
O anjo 5:02 Read by Leni
The Peace Egg 33:23 Read by Don W. Jenkins
A Story of the Christ-Child 11:13 Read by Tom Hirsch (1947-2022)
The Wager of Gerald O'Rourke 27:34 Read by Maria Therese
Weihnachten 1:13 Read by Eden