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Bob Hope Show 45 11 27 From USC, Red Skelton, Peggy Ryan

Bob plays a college freshman and then a senior, with Peggy Ryan. Bob plays football for USC, and Francis Langford brings her nephew Junior, …

Laurel and Hardy 11 Eps


(11 Episodes) Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy (Misc Works) 5 Songs/Music; 5 Skits; One Interview OTR * def gp ddh

Cell U.R. - A Sci-fi Musical Comedy Radiodrama audiobook of Vampires and Human C…

Read by Mark Plimsoll

Mark Plimsoll

A Science fiction Radiodrama audiobook of Vampires and Human Cellphones, with songs and sound effects!Written, performed, and produced by Ma…


Huphrey Bogart and Bob Hope

Huphrey Bogart on Bob Hope from 41-06-03 This directory includes the complete old time radio file as well as both Bogart segments as separat…

The Nebbs 04 Eps


(04 Episodes) "The Nebbs" was a 1945 Situation Comedy which aired om MBS-KHJ Los Angeles, every Sunday Night. It starred Gene &…

The Adventures Of Topper


3 episodes of The Adventures Of Topper,comedy,otr

グッド・バイ (Good-Bye)

Read by ekzemplaro

Osamu Dazai

『朝日新聞』に連載予定だったユーモア小説「グッド・バイ」が未完の遺作となった。奇しくもこの作品の13話が絶筆になったのは、キリスト教のジンクスを暗示した太宰の最後の洒落だったとする説(檀一雄)もある。(ウィキペディア) In the spring of 1948, he was…

A Wodehouse Miscellany

Read by Kevin McAsh

P. G. Wodehouse

Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse was an English comic writer who enjoyed enormous popular success for more than seventy years. Best known toda…

The Merchant of Venice

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice was probably written between 1596 and 1598, and was printed with the comedies in the First Foli…

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (version 3)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Mark Twain

The book is noted for its colorful description of people and places along the Mississippi River, and its sober and often scathing look at en…

Fibber Mc Gee And Molly 36 03 02 Encyclopedia Salesman

Fibber tries to become an encyclopedia salesman, but soon discovers he's not very good at it.  He's such a bad salesman that he gets tr…

Fibber Mc Gee And Molly 41 04 0 Molly Loses Left Rear Fender

After Molly and Mrs. Uppington return home with the car, Molly discovers a fender is missing, and struggles to hide it from McGee while Gild…

Abbott & Costello 44 12 14 Christmas Shopping For Lou's Girlfriend

Bud and Lou go to a department store to shop for Christmas gifts, but Lou has trouble picking a gift for his girlfriend.

Fibber Mc Gee And Molly 39 01 24 Missing Shirt Collar Button

McGee spends the entire show trying to get a button sewed onto his shirt.

Abbott & Costello 44 12 07 Visit To Tin Pan Alley

Costello wants to sing like Bing Crosby so he can have a classy show.  Bud takes Lou to Tin Pan Alley to have a theme song written for …



All Transcriptions are from the USS Bostwick DE-103 WWII, all discs are still in the original shipping container. Some of these shows are un…

The Taming of the Shrew (version 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

William Shakespeare

When local drunkard Christopher Sly walks into a tavern, the last thing he expects is a complex trick where, to the amusement of many others…

Abbott & Costello 44 01 06 Lou's Engaged To Judy Canova

Bud fails to convince Lou he should get married, but Lou finds out he accidentally proposed marriage to Judy Canova.

Edgar Bergen 42 06 28 Guest Walter Brennan

Bergen tells Charlie he has a crush on Ginny Simms, and wants Charlie to help him impress her. Abbott and Costello pay a visit and argue ove…

Edgar Bergen & Charlie Mc Carthy 450107 Carmen Miranda

Charlie swipes a patrol wagon and stashes it in Bergens' garage.  Guest Carmen Miranda sings and performs in their version of Tobacco R…

Abbott And Costello Show 45 01 11 Lou's House Needs A Bathtub

Costello has bought a house out in the country without a bathtub, and has trouble trying to get one.

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