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The Key Note

Read by Christi Lupher

Clara Louise Burnham

Love blooms amid the gorgeous scenery of an island off the coast of Maine as a group of vacationers discover an abused boy and set out to re…

70 - The Princess Lily

In Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, Volume 2

Read by Christi Lupher

Songling Pu

"Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio" or "Strange Tales of Liaozhai" is a collection of nearly five hundred mostly super…

The Man That Died For Me

In Stories Worth Rereading

Read by Christi Lupher

Mrs. J.K. Barney

A collection of short stories about many people. Some being tested, some being rewarded, all worth rereading! Many of them are the type to b…

At Dusk

In Mine and Thine

Read by Christi Lupher

Florence Earle Coates

This is a volume of poems by Florence Earle Coates. The poems in this volume describe the Zeitgeist perfectly - not only are they in style i…

The Chimes, First Quarter

In A Budget of Christmas Tales

Read by Christi Lupher

Charles Dickens

This is a 1895 collection of christmas-themed short stories and poems by various authors, Charles Dickens himself being the most prominent f…

The Prize (Lace-Wing, Ant-Lion, and Caddis-Worm)

In Little Busybodies: The Life of Crickets, Ants, Bees, and Others

Read by Christi Lupher

Jeannette Augustus Marks and Julia Moody

These short stories about crickets, ants, bees, beetles and other little busybodies are intended by the two authors to show their children t…

The Flying Fever

In The Flying Girl

Read by Christi Lupher

L. Frank Baum

Frank L. Baum, author of the Oz books, delivers an engaging story for all ages. Orissa Kane works in order to provide for her family. Her mo…