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The Art of Cross-Examination

Read by Joanne Turner

Francis Wellman

A classic text on cross-examination of witnesses, including many examples of techniques used in celebrated cases by such notable attorneys a…

Commentary on Acts of the Apostles

Read by Joanne Turner

Matthew Henry

An exhaustive verse-by-verse study of Acts, integrating it with both the Gospels and the Old Testament, by one of the more unconventional th…

Homecraft Rugs: Their Historic Background, Romance of Stitchery and Method of M…

Read by Joanne Turner

Lydia Le Baron Walker

A tour de force of the history, construction, preservation, and beauty of all types of rugs, with chapters on braided, needlepoint, woven, c…

Examining the U.S. Capitol Attack

Read by Joanne Turner

United States Senate

A joint bipartisan report by the U.S. Senate Committees on Homeland Security and Rules and Administration, addressing security, planning, an…

The Bible in Shakspeare

Read by Joanne Turner

William Burgess

A compendium and analysis of similarities between the Bible and passages in Shakespeare's plays and other works, including Biblical referenc…

History of The New York Times, 1851-1921

Read by Joanne Turner

Elmer Holmes Davis

A beautifully written and witty history of The New York Times, and of newspaper publishing in general, from the 1850s to 1921 by three-time …

United States Senate Election, Expulsion, and Censure Cases, 1793-1990

Read by Joanne Turner

Anne M. Butler and Wendy Wolff

Article I, section 5, of the United States Constitution gives each house of Congress power to judge the elections, returns, and qualificatio…

Worker Classification: Employee Status Under the National Labor Relations Act,…

Read by Joanne Turner

Jon Shimabukuro

A brief summary of the standards for classifying workers as either employees or independent contractors under various federal labor laws and…

The Coming of the Leisure Class

In In Our Town

Read by Joanne Turner

William Allen White

Some humorous, some heartwarming, some heartstring-pulling stories from the newspaper office of a small Kansas town, "in that part of t…