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Merchant of Venice

In Tales from Shakespeare

Read by Karen Savage

Charles and Mary Lamb and Charles Lamb

The following Tales are meant to be submitted to the young reader as an introduction to the study of Shakespeare, for which purpose his word…

003 - Troisième nuit

In Les Mille et une nuits, tome 1

Read by Karen Savage

Anonymoustranslated Byantoine Galland

Afin de ne plus être déçu par les femmes, le sultan Schahriar décide d'épouser une jeune fille chaque jour…

To the Virgins

In Short Poetry Collection 037

Read by Karen Savage

Robert Herrick

LibriVox’s Short Poetry Collection 037: a collection of 20 public-domain poems.

Helena in Troas

In Reviews

Read by Karen Savage

Oscar Wilde, ed. Robert Ross and Oscar Wilde

Wilde’s literary reputation has survived so much that I think it proof against any exhumation of articles which he or his admirers would hav…

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