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Bible (YLT) NT 13-14: 1 & 2 Epistles to the Thessalonians

Read by KevinS

Young'S Literal Translationtranslated Byrobert Young

An English translation that holds as closely as was possible to the original languages and idioms. - Summary by KevinS

Editorials from The Dial magazine, Volume 66

Read by KevinS

Martyn Johnson

Editorials published in Volume 66 of The Dial magazine, a fortnightly political and literary review. The source available to us features iss…

Sour Grapes

Read by KevinS

William Carlos Williams

A collection of poems largely collected from previous magazine and journal publications. (Summary by KevinS)

Gaudium Crucis: A Meditation for Good Friday

Read by KevinS

Walter Lowrie

A reflection on the crucifixion of Christ and its theological (especially, soteriological) meanings. - Summary by KevinS

Bible (YLT) NT 08: 2nd Epistle to the Corinthians

Read by KevinS

Young's Literal Translation and Young'S Literal Translationtranslated Byrobert Young

The Old and New Covenants, translated according to the letter and idioms of the original languages. - From the title page

Augustan Books of Modern Poetry: Robert Graves

Read by KevinS

Robert Graves

Poems from Robert Graves published by the Augustan Books of Poetry. - Summary by KevinS

Love's testament, a sonnet sequence

Read by KevinS

G. Constant Lounsbery and G. Constant Lounsbery

Grace Constant Lounsbery was an American poet, playwright, and author. It is said that she was 'mannish' in her dress and behavior and these…

Bible (YLT) NT 15-16: 1 & 2 Epistles to Timothy

Read by KevinS

Young'S Literal Translationtranslated Byrobert Young

An English translation that holds as closely as was possible to the original languages and idioms. - Summary by KevinS

War poems and other verses

Read by KevinS

Robert Ernest Vernède

Vernède enlisted with the British Army as a second lieutenant at the start of World War I, even though he was over the maximum age of…


Read by KevinS

Siegfried Sassoon

One of Sassoon's earlier collections of poems. This book is particularly interesting as Sassoon begins a transition toward poetry unrelated …

To and Again

Read by KevinS

Walter R. Brooks

Older readers will enjoy this book for its portrait of a simpler time, one of magic and modest adventure. Children will enjoy being introduc…

Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints, Volume 3 (July-September)

Read by KevinS

John Gilmary Shea

Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints : with reflections for every day in the year : compiled from "Butler's Lives" and other appro…

An Instructive Object Lesson (Parts 1-2)

In The Bible Under Trial

Read by kevinscottwiebe

James Orr

The papers composing this volume were prepared in response to urgent request as a popular apologetic series in defence of the Bible from the…

The Brown Friar

In The Laughing Bear and Other Stories

Read by KevinS

Robert Bloomer Hare Bell

A collection of unique stories for listeners with the wisdom to see a bit beyond the printed words. The stories start in Korea with The Lau…

The Right of Self-Determination of Peoples

In Ukraina and the Peace-conference

Read by KevinS

Stanislav Dnistriansky

The 19th century was the Golden Age of Nationalism in Europe. By the end of the century many countries achieved their national self-determin…

The Bride's Bouquet

In The Outdoor Girls at Foaming Falls

Read by KevinS

Laura Lee Hope

This is book #15 in the Outdoor Girls series. Mollie Billette is appointed as the new leader of the Outdoor Girls, replacing Betty Nelson…

III: The Early History of the Herbal in England

In Herbals, Their Origin and Evolution: A Chapter in the History of Botany

Read by KevinS

Agnes Arber

Eminent British botanist Agnes Arber provides an authoritative history of printed Herbals -- books widely used in early modern Europe to cat…

The Coffin Merchant by Richard Middleton

In Short Story Collection Vol. 080

Read by KevinS

Richard Middleton

A diverse collection of short stories selected and read in English by Librivox readers. This time, we delve into the works of H.G. Wells, Os…

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