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Three Stories & Ten Poems

Read by KevinS

Ernest Hemingway

The author arranged for this collection of three short stories and ten poems to be printed in a small run of 300 copies in Dijon (France.) T…

in our time

Read by KevinS

Ernest Hemingway

This is the first edition of Hemingway's in our time, published in a very small run in France in 1924. And American edition was released the…

Child Whispers

Read by KevinS

Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton's first published book; a short collection of poetry (28 poems and a short introduction.) - Summary by Peter Why

The Chicago Race Riots, July 1919

Read by KevinS

Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg's succinct reporting on and reflections upon the race riots that broke out In Chicago in July 1919. - Summary by KevinS

The Sleuth of St. James Square

Read by KevinS

Melville Davisson Post

Slightly connected detective stories which are developed in a rather unusual way. The solutions are logical and less miraculous than those o…

England In The Middle Ages

Read by KevinS

Elizabeth O'Neill

A short study examining the historical framework of England from the period of the Norman Conquest to the end of the fifteenth century. The …

Ante-Nicene Christian Library: Translations of the Writings of the Fathers Down…

Read by KevinS

Alexander Roberts

This LibriVox collection is first in a series of writings from the ante-Nicene Fathers' works. This first collection includes all the so-cal…

The New Army in Training

Read by KevinS

Rudyard Kipling

Kipling's brief assessment of the British New Army being assembled to fight in the Great War. Concerns itself with training and logistics bu…

In Italy with the 332nd Infantry

Read by KevinS

Joseph L. Lettau

A brief, personal recounting of the 332nd Infantry in World War I, including training in America, a brief billet in France, activities in It…

On Being Negro in America

Read by KevinS

J. Saunders Redding

A penetrating, insightful, and thoroughly honest view of one's life in the United States as an African-American. - Summary by KevinS

Your Negro Neighbor

Read by KevinS

Benjamin Griffith Brawley

An historical and sociological view of race relations in America as it pertains to the African-American. - Summary by KevinS

The Brown Brethren

Read by KevinS

Patrick Macgill

The Brown Brethren tells the story of friends and comrades who fought together during World War I on the Western Front. The principal charac…

Our Little Brazilian Cousin

Read by KevinS

Mary F. Nixon-Roulet

A part of a series introducing young people to the lives of others from various countries. This book recounts the adventures and experiences…

Preliminary Report on Neo-Fascist and Hate Groups

Read by KevinS

House Un-American Activities Committee

A preliminary report to the U. S. Congress on a portion of the subversive activities conducted by two specific Neo-Fascist organizations tha…

The Old Peabody Pew: A Christmas Romance of a Country Church (Version 2)

Read by KevinS

Kate Douglas Wiggin

A charming tale of a small New England congregation preparing for Christmas and the unexpected arrival of a woman's long held hope. - Summar…

A Winter of Content

Read by KevinS

Laura Lee Davidson

A charming memoir recounting 10 months spent among the country people of Ontario at the outbreak of the Great War. Resplendent in its descri…

My Little Book of Prayer

Read by KevinS

Muriel Strode

A number of what we might call epigrams concerning one's will, determination, spirituality, and other foci of interest. - Summary by KevinS

Little Miss Joy-Sing

Read by KevinS

John Luther Long

A pleasant kind of fantasy set in Japan concerning a woman and a prince. - Summary by KevinS

The Colored People of Chicago

Read by KevinS

Louise DeKoven Bowen and Louise Dekoven Bowen

This book presents a summary of the findings conducted by the the Juvenile Protective Association in Chicago before the changes brought on b…

Above the French Lines

Read by KevinS

Stuart Walcott

A collection of letters written by Stuart Walcott while training to be an aviator in France to prepare for combat. Walcott died in his first…

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