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The Doctor's Wife

Read by Kirsten Wever

Mary Elizabeth Braddon

This is one of the Victorian “Sensationist” Mary Elizabeth Braddon's many novels (best known among them: “Lady Audley’s Secret”). It is extr…

Whose Body? (Version 2)

Read by Kirsten Wever

Dorothy L. Sayers

Whose Body? is the first of Dorothy Sayers’s famous Lord Peter Wimsey novels, introducing that nobleman, as well as his manservant and fello…

The Awful German Language (version 2)

Read by Kirsten Wever

Mark Twain

This long essay is a work of mock philology, one of several appendices to Twain’s travel novel, A Tramp Abroad. In it, Twain explains, compl…

Miss Mackenzie

Read by Kirsten Wever

Anthony Trollope

The thirty-five year-old (hence utterly over-the-hill) Miss Margaret Mackenzie, having devoted her life to others, suddenly finds herself wi…

The Belton Estate

Read by Kirsten Wever

Anthony Trollope

Clara Amedroz is the virtuous, intelligent, and quick-witted heroine of this novel. Like all women of her time, she has few options other th…

Trent's Last Case (Version 2)

Read by Kirsten Wever

Edmund Clerihew Bentley

This is one of a series of EC Bentley novels featuring the highly erudite artist qua reporter / detective, Philip Trent. In it, Trent is se…

The Lifted Veil (Version 2)

Read by Kirsten Wever

George Eliot

George Eliot’s 1859 novella, The Lifted Veil, departs radically from the grounded realism of her longer and better known works, such as Midd…

The Green Rust (Version 2)

Read by Kirsten Wever

Edgar Wallace

Edgar Wallace, perhaps best known for creating King Kong, wrote dozens of novels. The Green Rust, his twelfth crime novel, is one of three b…

The Charing Cross Mystery

Read by Kirsten Wever

J. S. Fletcher

Here's another intriguing mystery by J. S. Fletcher, centering on why a former high-level police official was murdered, and on whether - and…

The House of Cobwebs and Other Stories

Read by Kirsten Wever

George Gissing

George Gissing was a prolific English writer of novels and short stories. Among his best known novels is The Odd Women, which was influenced…

Martin Hewitt, Investigator

Read by Kirsten Wever

Arthur Morrison

Here are seven mystery stories featuring Martin Hewitt, Detective, and narrated (of course) by his (nameless) sidekick. Arthur Morrison cert…

The Bartlett Mystery

Read by Kirsten Wever

Louis Tracy

This is a fast-paced mystery, set in New York City, has two or three really interesting ("round") characters, a solid plot, no che…

The Incredulity of Father Brown (Version 2)

Read by Kirsten Wever

G. K. Chesterton

These eight Father Brown mysteries depart from Chesterton’s two earlier Father Brown collections – The Innocence of Father Brown, and The Wi…

A Passage to India

Read by Kirsten Wever

E. M. Forster

E. M. Forster’s A Passage to India (1924) is widely acclaimed as one of the hundred best literary works of 20th century. Time magazine rates…

The Red House Mystery (Version 2)

Read by Kirsten Wever

A. A. Milne

Author A. A. Milne is best known to the world as the creator of Winnie-the-Pooh. Yet Milne was versatile, having written dozens of plays, h…

And Even Now

Read by Kirsten Wever

Max Beerbohm

This is a diverse collection of essays by English writer Max Beerbohm, whose circle included such notables as Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Sh…

The Benson Murder Case - A Philo Vance Story

Read by Kirsten Wever

S. S. Van Dine

The Benson Murder Case – A Philo Vance Story is the first of a series of twelve popular mysteries set in New York during the Jazz Age. S. S.…

Stories by English Authors: London

Read by Kirsten Wever

F. Anstey, J. M. Barrie, Marie Corelli, Beatrice Harraden, Arthur Morrison, Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch and Israel Zangwill

This book collects seven short stories by some of England's best turn-of-the-(last)-century's writers. The collection begins with the humor …

The Holiday Round

Read by Kirsten Wever

A. A. Milne

Alan Alexander Milne, popularly known as A. A. Milne, is best known – perhaps to most people only known – for his children’s book, Winnie th…

The Prince and Betty (version 2)

Read by Kirsten Wever

P. G. Wodehouse

The story moves from a royal palace in Europe to a squalid tenement in New York. The European action centers on the efforts of an uncouth mi…

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