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Child Labor

In The Autobiography of Mother Jones

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

Mother Jones and Mary Harris Jones

Mother Jones (Mary Harris Jones) was a legendary labor organizer. She was a founding member of the International Workers of the World (the I…

Motion Pictures

In Edison, His Life and Inventions

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin and Frank Lewis Dyer

A detailed biography of Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of such things as the telephone, the microphone, the electric motor, the storage batter…

Chapter 23

In War and Peace, Book 01: 1805

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace (Russian: Война и мир, Voyna i mir; in original orthography: Война и миръ, Voyna i mir") is an epic novel by Leo Tolstoy,…

The Bee-Pastures - Part 1

In The Mountains of California

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

John Muir

John Muir (1838–1914) was one of the first modern preservationists. His letters, essays, and books telling of his adventures in nature, and …

Chapter 1 – Start in Life

In Robinson Crusoe

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe’s The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner (1719) is considered by many the first English…

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