The Eyes of the Movie

Read by Chuck Williamson

Harry Alan Potamkin

"The movie was born in the laboratory and reared in the counting-house. It is a benevolent monster of four I's: Inventor, Investor, Imp…

Windsor Castle, Book 3

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

William Harrison Ainsworth

Book 3 - The History of the Castle. The focus of the novels is on the events surrounding Henry VIII's replacing Catherine of Aragon with Ann…

A Color Notation

Read by Availle

Albert Henry Munsell

A Color Notation is a method developed by A. H. Munsell in order to produce a unified system of color classification. The system identifies …

The Medici, Volume 1

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

G. F. Young

This work relates the history of the Medici family through three centuries and eleven generations, from its rise from obscurity, to its zeni…

Fünfzig Jahre Museumsarbeit

Read by Dirk Weber

Wilhelm Von Bode

Wilhelm von Bode war ein bedeutender deutscher Kunsthistoriker und Museumsfachmann und gilt als der Mitbegründer des modernen Museumswe…

Lectures On Painting Delivered To The Students Of The Royal Academy

Read by David Wales

Edward Armitage

This 1883 book contains chapters on ancient costumes, Byzantine and Romanesque art, David and his school, modern schools of Europe, drawing,…

The History of the Suez Canal

Read by Availle

Ferdinand de Lesseps

A lively picture of the origin and completion of the Suez Canal (built between 1859 and 1869) and his architect, Vicomte de Lesseps. This is…

Tutankhamen: and the Discovery of His Tomb by the Late Earl of Carnarvon and Mr…

Read by Steven Seitel

Sir Grafton Elliot Smith

(From the Introduction) “Never before in the history of archaeological inquiry has any event excited such immediate and world-wide interest …

The Gentle Art of Faking

Read by Jordan Watts

Riccardo Nobili

IIn analysing the Faker one must dissociate him from the common forger; his semi-artistic vocation places him quite apart from the ordinary …

Child-life in Art

Read by Laura Caldwell

Estelle M. Hurll

The poetry of childhood is full of attractiveness to the artist, and many and varied are the forms in which he interprets it. The Christ-chi…

Sämtliche Schriften 1911-1921, Teil 1

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Carl Von Ossietzky

Carl von Ossietzky (1889-1938), Journalist, Pazifist und Friedensnobelpreisträger [1935], zählte zu den herausragenden Persön…

Malerbriefe: Beiträge zur Theorie und Praxis der Malerei

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Wilhelm Ostwald

In seinen 17 Malerbriefen geht Wilhelm Ostwald in leicht verständlicher Weise auf die Physikalischen (Optik) und Chemischen (Pigmente, …

Arts and Crafts Essays

Read by LibriVox Volunteers


A series of essays by Members of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society with a preface by William Morris who writes "It is this conscio…

The Real Latin Quarter

Read by Bill Boerst

Frank Berkeley Smith

"Cocher, drive to the rue Falguière"--this in my best restaurant French. The man with the varnished hat shrugged his should…

Vom Gyps und vom Stucco

Read by Dirk Weber

Carl Schmied

Vom Gyps und vom Stucco ist eine Anleitung zur Herstellung von Gypsfiguren, nebst benötigter Formen, sowie zur Imitation des Marmors mi…

Viaje a América (Tomo 1 de 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Rafael Puig Y Valls

La crónica de un periodista español que asistió a la Exposición Universal de Chicago en 1893, y que despué…

Discoveries Among the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Austen Layard

Austen Henry Layard is best known as the excavator of Nimrud and of Nineveh, where he uncovered a large proportion of the Assyrian palace re…

The Art of Bookbinding

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Joseph W. Zaehnsdorf

This handbook explains the art of bookbinding and simultaneously reminds us what a complex technology is to make books! Zaehnsdorf, bookbind…

The Tower of London

Read by Janet

Walter George Bell

A short book, whose chapters were originally published in The Daily Mail, which explores the history and facts of each of the structures tha…

Remodeled Farmhouses

Read by Cynthia Moyer

Mary H. Northend

"There is a certain fascination connected with the remodeling of a farmhouse. Its low, raftered interior, its weather-beaten exterior, …

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