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The Night of Weeping

Read by InTheDesert

Horatius Bonar

It is no easy matter to write a book for the family of God. Yet it is for them that these thoughts on chastisement are written. They may be …

Prayers and Meditations

Read by Steven Watson

Samuel Johnson

The prayers and meditations of Samuel Johnson, published posthumously by George Strahan to whom Johnson had entrusted the manuscripts. Johns…

The Reformation Collection Volume 2

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This volume of the Reformation collection, which has a particular focus on the English Reformation, begins with William Tyndale's lively tra…

The Art of Dying Well

Read by John

St. Robert Bellarmine

The Art of Dying Well is a guide book for people who want to go to heaven. It was written over 400 years ago by Saint Robert Bellarmine in l…

L' Imitation de Jésus-Christ

Read by Christiane Jehanne

Thomas à Kempis and Thomas À Kempis

Textes admirables de spiritualité. Livre I : Avis utiles pour entrer dans la vie intérieure Livre II : Instruction pour avan…

Coptic Homilies in the Dialect of Upper Egypt

Read by ancientchristian

E. A. Wallis Budge

The present work contains the Coptic versions of ten Greek Homilies on fasting, repentance, the end of the world, the Incarnation, etc., whi…

The Excellence of the Rosary

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Rev. Math Josef Frings

A series of conferences given in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to explain the history, meaning and purpose of the Holy Rosary. (Summary …

Purity of Heart

Read by David Purdy

William Booth

William Booth, who co-founded The Salvation Army with his wife Catherine in 1865, wrote several books on the subject of holiness. Purity of …

Mountains in the Mist

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Frank W. Boreham

Frank Boreham was a well known preacher who served in England, Australia, and New Zealand. He published dozens of books and thousands of edi…

Practice of Perfection and Christian Virtues - First Treatise

Read by ancientchristian

Alphonsus Rodriguez

This work is based on the material which Alphonsus Rodriguez (a Spanish Jesuit priest) collected from his spiritual exhortations to his bret…

Constitutions of the Holy Apostles (Books 1 to 3)

Read by ancientchristian


The Apostolic Constitutions are made up of eight treatises on Early Christian discipline, worship, and doctrine, which was intended to act a…

During the Persecution: Autobiography of Father John Gerard

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Father John Gerard

Fr. John Gerard (1564 – 1637) was an English Jesuit priest who operated covertly in England during the Elizabethan era, during which the Cat…

On Grace And Free Will

Read by David Ronald

Saint Augustine of Hippo

There are some persons who suppose that the freedom of the will is denied whenever God's grace is maintained, and who on their side defend t…

The Fundamentals Volume 1

Read by InTheDesert

G. Campbell Morgan

The Fundamentals: A Testimony To The Truth (generally referred to simply as The Fundamentals) is a set of ninety essays published between 19…

The Sermons upon the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Ephesians

Read by InTheDesert

John Calvin

While many of Calvin's sermons are now lost after they were sold by weight by the library of Geneva, his sermons on Ephesians have been pres…

A Doubter's Doubts About Science and Religion

Read by InTheDesert

Sir Robert Anderson

A DOUBTER'S Doubts about Science and Religion was first published anonymously, at a time when the author was Assistant Commissioner of Polic…

The Seven Last Words on the Cross

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Rev. H. G. Hughes

A course of Lenten sermons on the seven last words of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross. (Summary by Maria Therese)

Assist the Souls in Purgatory

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Benedictine Sisters Of Perpetual Adoration

A short little book on Purgatory, the Poor Souls and how we can help them with our prayers. (Summary by Maria Therese)

The Spirits' Book

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Allan Kardec

The Spirits' Book, published in French in 1857, is considered the most important book in the Spiritist philosophy. It contains the bases for…

A Day at a Time and Other Talks on Life and Religion

Read by MaryAnn

Archibald Alexander

This book [was] written in war-time to minister comfort and, if it may be, to reinforce hope and faith. (from the Dedication)

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