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G.K. Chesterton in America: A Catholic Review of the Week

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

G. K. Chesterton

A collection of 15 articles/essays written by G.K. Chesterton in "America: A Catholic Review of the Week". The publication dates r…

Brieven van den nutteloozen toeschouwer

Read by Anna Simon

Louis Couperus

Deze serie columns in de vorm van brieven schreef Couperus voor het dagblad Het Vaderland, vanuit Munchen en later vanuit Florence. Ze vers…

Trivia (1917) And More Trivia (1921)

Read by David Wales

Logan Pearsall Smith

Logan Pearsall Smith (1865-1946) was an American-born British essayist who was known for his epigrams and aphorisms, often humorous. This re…

Visions and Revisions

Read by Keri Ford

John Cowper Powys

Powys presents a set of literary devotions of great figures in Literature who have obsessed him. He attempts not so much a reasoned critique…

Atlantic Classics

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The Atlantic was a popular periodical with a wide range of essays and stories. In an effort to remain current, many strong and valid submiss…

Coffee Break Collection 022 - Days Gone By

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This is the twenty-second Coffee Break Collection, in which Librivox readers select English language public domain works of about 15 minutes…

The Quintessence of Ibsenism (Version 2)

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George Bernard Shaw

This is an essay providing an extended analysis of the works of Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen and of Ibsen's critical reception in Engla…

Figures of Several Centuries

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Arthur Symons

Arthur Symons talks through the histories and works of poets, playwrights, scholars and scribes. He provides both personal experience and cr…

Oration by Frederick Douglass Delivered on the Occasion of the Unveiling of the…

Read by Edward Graham V

Frederick Douglass

This is the speech given by Fredrick Douglass at the unveiling of the Freedmen's Monument in Lincoln Park, Washington DC, April 14, 1876 alo…

The Inner Life

Read by Subhash Chander

John Greenleaf Whittier

John Greenleaf Whittier was an influential American Quaker poet and ardent advocate of the abolition of slavery in the United States. He is …

Americans and Others

Read by Mary Schneider

Agnes Repplier

A collection of sometimes biting, always clever commentaries on some of life's foibles -- as apt today as when Ms. Repplier wrote them in 19…

G.K. Chesterton's Newspaper Columns: The New Witness - 1922

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G. K. Chesterton

A collection of the newspaper columns/essays written by G.K. Chesterton for "The New Witness", under the heading "At the Sign…

Idle Hours In A Library

Read by David Wales

William Henry Hudson

“[these essays on Shakespeare, Pepys, Restoration novels, and bohemianism]—the results of many hours of quiet but rather aimless browsing am…

The Creed of a Credulous Person

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G. K. Chesterton

A series of five essays by G.K. Chesterton, published in "Black and White" magazine in 1903, under the heading "The Creed of …

Christmas Short Works Collection 2006

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LibriVox's 2006 Christmas Collection containing public domain short stories, essays, poems, and scripture passages recorded by a variety of …

The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 07 - 05. May 1896

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National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, the May Number. It includes the following articles: * Africa Since 1888, by Hon. …

Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 054

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Sixteen short nonfiction works in the public domain, independently chosen by the readers. Topics include Science and Exploration--a tribute …

Religio Medici, Hydriotaphia and Letter to a Friend

Read by Barbara Baker

Thomas Browne

Selections from the varied writings of a 17th century English doctor with a well-stocked mind, an interest in the new science of his age and…

Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 066

Read by LibriVox Volunteers


Twenty short nonfiction works chosen by the readers. "Why Women Should Vote" (Jane Addams, 1910) is one of several selections devo…

Moments With Mark Twain

Read by Lee Smalley

Mark Twain

These selections from the works of Mark Twain are presented in chronological order. They include the memorable whitewashing of the fence in …

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