Weird Circle 1944 The Werewolf

A young boy tells of the evil that fell upon him and his family after his father marries a strange woman in a strange ceremony.

The Sealed Book 1945 The Hands Of Death

An eerie tale of two brothers.  One who plans to kill the other, and the other with a morbid fascination with murder.

Bram Stoker The Judge's House

The Second Pan Book of Horror Stories The Judge's House by Bram Stoker First broadcast: Fri 2nd Nov 2018, 10:45 on …

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74 02 22 The Horla

The story of a writer believed to be going insane, and claims that he is being possessed by an evil force he calls the Horla, that attacks h…

Stories of the Rhine

Read by Ben Tucker

Émile Erckmann

Émile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian, more widely known by their joint nom de plume Erckmann-Chatrian, were in their time more recog…

Weird Circle 44 03 12 Spectre Of Tappington

A man on leave from service in India, recovering from a head wound, visits the manor house of his cousins.  At evening, he's told a leg…

The Witch's Tale 35 01 07 The Entomologist

On a ship sailing for South Africa, a young couple become engaged, but also on board is a mad scientist who has plans to rule the world, and…

The Monkey's Paw

Manx Radio brings you a dramatisation of the supernatural tale by W.W. Jacobs, adapted for radio by Bob Harrison and produced by Bob Harriso…

Weird Tales Presents: The Strange World of Harry Houdini

Read by Ben Tucker


In 1924, the odd and wonderful Weird Tales Magazine published a series of stories written (or ghost-written in at least one instance) by not…

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74 02 02 A Ghostly Game Of Death

A real estate developer hires a pair of ghost hunters to get rid of the ghost haunting an old house that no one wants to enter.

Weird Circle 44 09 17 The Ghosts Touch

A womans dead husband protects her from a scientists strange experiments.

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