Hall Of Fantasy 53 01 26 Black Figurine Of Death

A dying man speaks his mind to those who will inherit his fortune. In addition to the estate, he vows to come back from the grave to right w…

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77 11 08 The Haunted Mill

A man returns from the sea to find his fiancee planning to marry another man.  After he talks with her, she agrees to call off the marr…

Weird Circle 45 02 11 Ancient Mariner

The sole survivor of a cursed ship, begs a stranger to listen to his tale of the death of an entire ships crew, caused by his own sin.

Lights Out 19430406 027 Superfeature


CBS Radio Mystery Theater 79 02 26 Hickory Dickory Doom

A couple purchase an antique grandfather clock at a yard sale, but once they get it home, strange things begin to occur that cause them to s…

Inner Sanctum 45 12 18 The Undead

The wife of a theater actor becomes terrified by a dream that her husband is a vampire, and finds evidence that he supposedly died ten years…

Lights Out - 19430309 023 The Ball

19430309 Episode 023 The Ball

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74 01 07 The Return Of The Moresbys

A beach bum marries a wealthy woman who is fascinated by reincarnation. He learns that his new wife plans to make a will and leave most of h…

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 76 10 30 Witches' Sabbath

A terrified man pleads to a bartender to listen to his tale about his bizarre experience with two beautiful girls that turn out to be witche…

Escape 47 08 11 Ring Of Toth

A man translating Egyptian hieroglyphics at a museum, falls asleep to find himself locked in after hours. He encounters a man near a mummys'…

Hall Of Fantasy 52 09 05 The Shadow People

A professor of the supernatural is enlisted to aide a young woman who is being menaced by ancient creatures who live in the darkness.

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