CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74 02 03 The Sign Of The Beast

A woman joins a jungle expedition only to find herself believed to have offended a native God, and begins to suffer the consequences.

Dimension X 50 09 22 Dr Grimshaws Sanitarium

A private detective, after having an auto accident with a suspicious hearse from a sanitarium, investigates posing as a patient.  To hi…

Hall Of Fantasy 54 03 08 The Hand Of Botar

A man enters into a game of chess with a man who claims his hand has a mind of its own, and plays blindfolded to prove it.  The hand ev…

Inner Sanctum 43 03 07 The Black Sea Gull

Peter Lorre stars as a man whose wife is fatally injured in a boating accident, and before she dies she promises to return. He insists she w…

Inner Sanctum Mysteries 49 10 31 Corpse For Halloween

On Halloween night, man is hunted and forced to flee from a man he thought he had killed during a trip in the jungle years earlier.

Columbia Workshop 40 07 28 Carmilla

The Workshop presents a story about a household that rescues an accident victim and allows her to stay with them for a time, but soon suspic…

Escape 47 12 03 Taboo

People in a remote area of Hungary are forced to go into the woods to hunt down a werewolf.

Inner Sanctum 49 10 31 Corpse For Halloween

On Halloween night, a man encounters someone he thought he had arraigned to be killed in a jungle, but has now returned to seek revenge.

Inner Sanctum 52 08 31 Strange Passenger

A man traveling alone picks up a female hitchhiker who makes him so uncomfortable he tries to get rid of her one way or another, but can't.

Lights Out 43 02 09 He Dug It Up

A man digging in his garden to plant a tree, uncovers a huge stone coffin, and in it appears to be a stone figure of a woman, with a lion's …

Mysterious Traveler 48 05 18 Death Writes A Letter

A story of two brothers, one a believer in spiritualism, the other a skeptic.  The spirit believing brother dies and then using the sub…

The Hall Of Fantasy 53 11 16 The Crawling Thing

Scientists working on a formula to enlarge plants and animals, discover one of their test creatures grows in intelligence as well as in size…

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