The Law and Medical Men

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Robert Vashon Rogers

The idea that in the library of nearly every prac­ti­tion­er in the pro­fes­sions of both Physic and Law there has been …

Crime, Its Causes and Remedies

Read by Leon Harvey

Cesare Lombroso

Published as the third volume in the Modern Criminal Science Series, Cesare Lombroso, renowned Italian criminologist, collected a wealth of …

Interessante Kriminal-Prozesse, Teil 2

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Hugo Friedländer and Erich Sello

Nach vierzigjähriger Tätigkeit als Gerichtsreporter veröffentlichte Hugo Friedländer zwischen 1910 und 1921 seine zw&oum…

Six Radical Thinkers: Bentham, J.S. Mill, Cobden, Carlyle, Mazzini, T.H. Green

Read by Pamela Nagami

John Maccunn

A radical is a person who holds extreme or unconventional convictions and who advocates fundamental political, economic, or social reforms. …

L'Art Pour l'Art

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Corte Suprema De Justicia De La República De Perú

A disparate assemblage of lingual mastery spanning genres and prowess with an eye toward style in favor of capitulation. (summary by kilpatr…

The Nature of the Judicial Process

Read by Kazbek

Benjamin N. Cardozo

Benjamin N. Cardozo, one of the most influential American justists of his era, served as the New York Court of Appeals Chief Justice, before…

The Public Orations of Demosthenes

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This book, originally published in two volumes, collects the most important complete public orations by Demosthenes, arguably the most famou…

The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Volume 10 - Legal

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Robert G. Ingersoll

For those who like courtroom drama, here are Ingersoll’s Opening and Closing arguments on the most famous trials of his career--the Star Rou…

Fundamental Biblical Truths - Zac Poonen

Fundamental Biblical Truths 01) God's Purpose for Man 02) God's Provision for Man 03) Satan's Tactics 04) The Fall of Man 05) Free Will and …

The Chronicles of America Volume 13 - The Fathers of the Constitution

Read by Jim Locke

Max Farrand

In this next installment of the Chronicles of America, Farrand takes American history from peace treaty, to trade, to confederation, to furt…

The Parables Of Jesus - Zac Poonen

The Parables Of Jesus 1) Entering God's Kingdom 2) Paying The Price 3) Loving God And Man 4) The Danger Of Legalism 5) Four Types Of Backsli…

The Chronicles of America Volume 14 - Washington and His Colleagues

Read by Jim Locke

Henry Jones Ford

This next volume of the Chronicles of American series investigates Washington's development in the day to day world the various dimensions o…

The Chronicles of America Volume 15 - Jefferson and his Colleagues

Read by Jim Locke

Allen Johnson

In this volume, we have the Virginia Dynasty of presidents: Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. America at this time was involved in expansion w…

The Jim Crow Car; Or, Denouncement of Injustice Meted Out to the Black Race

Read by Theoden Humphrey

John Clay Coleman

"My opposition to injustice, imposition, discrimination and prejudice, which have for many years existed against the colored people of …

Basic Christian Teachings - Zac Poonen

Basic Christian Teachings 72 messages of 15 min each starting from ground-zero. This series of audio messages by Zac Poonen is on foundation…

The Holy Spirit - Zac Poonen

The Holy Spirit - Zac Poonen The Power Of The Holy Spirit 01) a) The Breath Of God 02) b) Rivers Of Living Water 03) c) The Fire Of God 04) …

The Mob Violence and the American Negro: My Experience in the Sunny South

Read by Jim Locke

Velley Lester

According to the author of the Preface, "Mr. Lester is also zealous to bring about a better relation and a better understanding between…

Zac Poonen's Verse By Verse Bible Studies Of The New Testament (Romans)

Zac Poonen's Verse By Verse Bible Studies Of The New Testament (Romans)

Know Your Enemy - Zac Poonen

Know Your Enemy 01) The Origin Of Satan 02) The Deception Of Satan 03) Why God Has Not Destroyed Satan 04) The Methods Of Satan 05) The Defe…

The Miracles Of Jesus - Zac Poonen

The Miracles Of Jesus - Zac Poonen God Can Solve Every Problem 01) Water Turned Into Wine 02) Royal Official's Son Healed 03) Lame Man Heale…

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