Номер 44. Таинственный незнакомец

Read by Чупрынина Наталья

Твен Марк

Номер 44. Таинственный незнакомец Таинственный незнакомец (англ.The Mysterious Stranger)— поздняя незаконченная повесть Марка Твена, впервы…

Метаморфозы или Золотой осёл

Read by Никита Карпов

Апулей Люций

Метаморфозы или Золотой осёл Эта невероятная мистическая история, которую нам рассказывает древнегреческий философ и писатель Апулей, о мет…

Записки простодушного. Волчьи ямы

Read by Бухмин Аркадий

Аверченко Аркадий

"Запискам простодушного" - одному из великих произведения Аркадия Аверченко предшествовали трагические события космического масшта…

Современная идиллия

Read by От автора — артист Александр Груздев  Глумов — артист Алексей Дубровский  Иван Т…

Михаил Евграфович Салтыков-Щедрин

Современная идиллия   «Современная идиллия» - аудиоспектакль по мотивам сатирического романа М.Е. Салтыкова-Щедрина. Ярко…

Bob and Ray Summer 1957 AFRTS #Unknown


One of the less amazing files from the west coast! This file is the seventh of a group of digitized shows received at The House of Toast. Th…

Bob and Ray WOR 043 May 10, 1973


On the Bus home, meet John Simon From Tape Box 51 Track two. Bob & Ray WOR episode #043 May 10, 1973. A partial show with the Mary Backs…

Bob and Ray WOR 115 August 17, 1973


2nd episode of TV show, everyone tired    Friday, 08/17/73 Next Episode:

Bob and Ray WOR 117 August 21, 1973


Mr and Mrs Broadway show, Flamenco dancers break through the stage. Tuesday, 08/21/1973 Next Episode:…

Bob and Ray WOR 118 August 22, 1973


Mr and Mrs Broadway show, Swiss yodelers break through the stage. Wednesday, 08/22/1973 Next Episode:…

Bob and Ray WOR 120 August 24, 1973


Mr and Mrs Broadway show Friday, 08/24/1973 A brief discussion of the flamenco dancers and Swiss yodelers, and the recent on-stage accidents…

Bob and Ray WOR 123 August 29, 1973


Mr and Mrs Broadway show, 5:30 AM Interview with Pop. He breaks through the stage. Wednesday, 08/29/1973 Next Episode:…

Bob and Ray WOR 124 August 30, 1973


Mr and Mrs Broadway show, Henry Gladstone and the Sophisticates    Thursday,     08/30/1973 Next Episode: http…

Bob and Ray WOR 126 September 03, 1973


Mr and Mrs Broadway show, labor day    Monday,     09/03/1973 Next Episode:…

Bob and Ray WOR 127 September 04, 1973


Tired cast of  Westchester Furioso performance closes curtain.    Tuesday,     09/04/1973 Next Episode: h…

Bob and Ray WOR 131 September 10, 1973


The Backstayges arrive in England. Monday, 09/10/1973  Next Episode:

Bob and Ray WOR 132 September 11, 1973


Chatting at Moorswind. Tuesday, 09/11/1973   

Bob and Ray WOR 137 September 18, 1973


Mary Backstage - on the plane. Tuesday, September 18, 1973

Bob and Ray WOR 138 September 19, 1973


Mary Backstage - Get bill from Lord Brandeshire during flight   Wednesday, September 19, 1973

Bob and Ray WOR 156 October 15, 1973


Taxi driver is in disguise- turns out to be Lacoco.

Bob and Ray WOR 157 October 16, 1973


Told by Lacoco they are going to Villa Bagatelli Next Episode:

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