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Advice: A Book of Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Maxwell Bodenheim

41 brief poems covering an assortment of subjects. - Summary by adr6090

Συριανά Διηγήματα (Short Stories from Syros)

Read by Penelope

Emmanuel Rhoides

Η Σύρα δε γλιτώνει από το σατιρικό οίστρο του Ροΐδη. Χαρακτηριστικά είναι τα διηγήματα που περιλαμβάνονται σε αυτή τη συλλογή . Τέτοια διηγή…

Machine-Room Chants

Read by Newgatenovelist

Tom Maguire

Tom Maguire was a trade union organiser from Yorkshire of Irish descent whose poetry reflects his socialist beliefs. This volume was publish…

Verse and Worse

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Harry Graham

A collection of dark and humorous verse from "Col D. Streamer". This collection includes poems from The Baby's Baedeker, Perverted…

Beggars on Horseback

Read by April6090

F. Tennyson Jesse

This is a book containing 8 short stories, written in English. - Summary by ADR

Tall Tales Of Cape Cod

Read by David Wales

Marillis Bittinger

“The title of this volume is perhaps misleading. Tall Tales of Cape Cod they are, yes, but in a broader sense that are the feel and the basi…

Four Phases of Love

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Paul Heyse

Paul Heyse was selected as the 1910 Nobel Laureate in Literature in recognition of " ... his long productive career as a lyric poet, dr…

Sketches of Gotham

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Owen Davis

If you're the sort that gets a thrill from rubbing elbows with shady characters you best leave the introductions to the streetwise Ike Swift…

Dream Tales and Prose Poems

Read by Ben Tucker

Ivan Turgenev

World-renowned Russian author Ivan Turgenev brings us a collection of stories that traffic in the world of dreams, stories of lost love, of …

The Beecher Beached

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

John B. Tabb

Father John Banister Tabb was an American poet, Roman Catholic priest, and professor of English. Father Tabb (as he was commonly known) was …

The Poems of James Hebblethwaite

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

James Hebblethwaite

James Hebblethwaite (22 September 1857 – 13 September 1921) was an English-born Australian poet, teacher and clergyman. Hebblethwaite was a …

Valda berättelser

Read by Anna Sofia Andersson

Selma Lagerlöf and Jules Mauritzon

A selection of short stories by Selma Lagerlöf. In Swedish, but with a short foreword in English. Edited by Jules Mauritzon. - Summary …

Recruiting Songs

Read by Bruce Kachuk

Temple Scott

This rousing collection of poems is sure to bring out patriotic sentiments in us all. These works were written with the glories of victory i…

Love Poems

Read by Newgatenovelist

F. W. Harvey

F. W. Harvey was an English poet, broadcaster and solicitor. These poems, taken from his 1921 collection Farewell, embody his love of nature…

Poems of Puncture

Read by Newgatenovelist

Amanda McKittrick Ros and Amanda Mckittrick Ros

Amanda McKittrick Ros’s poetry and prose have earned notoriety for their highly individual syntax, creative punctuation, unique diction, and…

Earlier Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Julia Caroline Dorr

This is a collection of the earlier poems of Julia Caroline Dorr. - Summary by Carolin


Read by Newgatenovelist

Elinor Jenkins

Elinor Jenkins was a British poet whose published work focuses largely on the First World War. This volume, based on her collection publishe…

Pomes Penyeach

Read by KevinS

James Joyce

James Joyce published three volumes of poetry during his lifetime including Pomes Penyeach. This simple booklet was published in 1927 in Par…

Windfall and Waterdrift

Read by Arthur Krolman

Auberon Edward William Molyneux Herbert

This little square book, the colour of meadow forget-me-nots, is so modest and simple that it may very easily be passed over in a period whi…

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