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Horror Stories

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Ada Buisson

Ada Buisson was a Victorian novelist and short story author. This collection includes her three horror stories, all of which were published …

The History of Mary Prince

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Mary Prince

Mary Prince was born into slavery in the West Indies. As a free woman in England she wrote her memoirs, which sold well and supported and pu…

The Young Diana

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Marie Corelli

Poor Diana May. Her fiancé has jilted her, her parents think she is an encumbrance and no one recognises her intelligence. She seems …

Light on the Path

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Mabel Collins

When Light on the Path was first published in 1885, it became an important work for Theosophists and has remained so ever since. It offers a…

Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom

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Ellen Craft

Ellen and William Craft were a married couple who escaped from slavery in 1848 when Ellen disguised herself as a white, literate man and Wil…


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Alice Mangold Diehl

The story begins with a storm outside an old house and stormy scenes inside between the house’s occupants. It details the eventful life of Z…

Beauty's Hour

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Olivia Shakespear

The young, intelligent Mary discovers that through an act of will she can transform her appearance to make herself incredibly beautiful. But…

The Last Lords of Gardonal

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William Gilbert

Two brothers, born into money and power, are as cruel as the feudal age in which they live. But when the oppressed villagers seek help from …


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Mary Coleridge

Mary Coleridge was a novelist, essayist and biographer. She was also a talented poet, and her posthumously published verses are variously me…

The Dhammapada (Version 3)

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Unknowntranslated Byf. Max Müller

The Dhammapada collects sayings of the Buddha, offering advice on how to live a full and thoughtful life. The translation used for this reco…

Two Supernatural Stories

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Perceval Landon

Perceval Landon was a journalist and short story author, and in these two tales he explored the supernatural. In ‘Railhead’, a man receives …

Dr Paull's Theory

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Alice Mangold Diehl

Hugh Paull's training in a London hospital is nearly complete, and he will soon be qualified as a doctor. But what fate is in store for him?…

Reminiscences of My Life in Camp

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Susie King Taylor

Susie King Taylor was a Black nurse in the 33rd United States Colored Troops in the Union Army during the American Civil War, a teacher and …

The Voices of the Rivers

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Nina Ruth Davis Salaman

Nina Salaman was a noted scholar, translator and columnist. As well as translating medieval Hebrew poetry, she was a poet in her own right. …

Mother and Daughter

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Augusta Webster

Uncompleted at her death, Augusta Webster's posthumously published sonnet sequence Mother and Daughter celebrates the relationship between a…

Sonnets from the Portuguese (version 3)

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Sonnets from the Portuguese chronicles the deeply personal stages of courtship. (Summary by Newgatenovelist)


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Adah Isaacs Menken

Adah Isaacs Menken's short life was full and eventful. Probably born in the American South, she travelled, wrote journalism, became famous a…

English Stornelli

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Augusta Webster

In this sequence Augusta Webster experimented with eight-line verses grouped thematically by the seasons of the year. These poems also explo…

The Wind Among the Reeds (Version 2)

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William Butler Yeats

The Wind Among the Reeds was first published in 1899 and features short, personal lyrics on subjects such as Irish legends and personal rela…

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