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A Deal With The Devil

Read by Angelique G. Campbell

Eden Phillpotts

A Deal with the Devil is a classic tale with a humorous twist. We find that on the night preceeding his 100th birthday Grandpapa, a cantanke…

Night and Day; The Place of Masks

In The Blue Star

Read by Angelique G. Campbell

Fletcher Pratt

The novel is set in a parallel world in which the existence of psychic powers has permitted the development of witchcraft into a science; in…

IV. Russian Government Links to and Contacts with the Trump Campaign: Section A…

In Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential …

Read by Angelique G. Campbell

Robert Mueller

The report from Robert Mueller's team reporting the results of investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. T…

Chapter XIV

In The Witch of Prague: A Fantastic Tale

Read by Angelique G. Campbell

Francis Marion Crawford

The Wanderer is looking far and wide for the love of his life, Beatrice. Try as he may, he cannot find her again. Appealing to a witch might…

Singed Moths, part 1

In An Itinerant House, and Other Stories

Read by Angelique G. Campbell

Emma Frances Dawson

This is a volume of short stories of supernatural fiction by American author Emma Frances Dawson. Not all of the tales depend on ghosts, mos…