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Jane Austen's Sailor Brothers

Read by Bryn Roberts

Edith Hubback Brown

"Jane Austen's Sailor Brothers" by Edith & John Hubback is a biography that explores the lives of Jane Austen's two sailor bro…

Impressions of Ukiyo-ye, the School of the Japanese Colour-print Artists

Read by Bryn Roberts

Dora Amsden

Ukiyo-ye prepared Japan for intercourse with other nations by developing in the common people an interest in other countries, in science and…

Mugby Junction

Read by Bryn Roberts

Charles Dickens and Variousandcharles Dickens

Originally published in 1866 in the Christmas edition of Dickens's magazine, "All the Year Round.", "Mugby Junction" off…

The Events of 1848, Especially in Their Relation to Great Britain

Read by Bryn Roberts

Richard Monckton Milnes

The Events of 1848, Especially in Relation to Great Britain" by Richard Monckton Milnes is a historical work that delves into the tumul…

Speeches: Literary and Social

Read by Bryn Roberts

Charles Dickens

Speeches: Literary and Social is a collection of speeches given by Charles Dickens in various settings, including banquets, public gathering…

How to Paint Permanent Pictures

Read by Bryn Roberts

Maximilian Toch

"How To Paint Permanent Pictures" by Maximilian Toch delves into the intricate art of creating lasting images through painting. To…