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William the Conqueror

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Edward Freeman

A brief history of the rise and reign of Duke William of Normandy, King of England. Also known as William the Bastard, and William the Great…

Henry the Seventh

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James Gairdner

Henry VII, the founder of the Tudor dynasty, less known than his son, Henry VIII, or granddaughter Elizabeth I, is often overlooked. This K…

My Thirty Years In Baseball

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John McGraw and John Mcgraw

The autobiography of John Joseph McGraw, another one of the "greats" of baseball. McGraw, along with Casey Stengel, has managed t…

A Ball Player's Career

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Adrian C. Anson

The biography of one of the greatest players that the game of baseball of his era, in his own words. "Cap" Anson, quite probably b…

Edward the First (Version 2)

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Thomas Frederick Tout

Part of the Twelve English Statesmen series of books. Edward I, was one of the greatest of the medieval monarchs, driven either by a deep co…

Over The Brazier

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Robert Graves

This book was the first published of Robert Graves' early poetry, from about fourteen to twenty years of age, and published during his time …

The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin

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Harry Houdini

This work is by Harry Houdini, and was an attempt, by him, to undermine the public reverence for the man regarded as the master of modern ma…

Cardinal Wolsey (Version 2)

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Mandell Creighton

From the "Twelve English Statesmen," series of books. A brief history of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey who helped shape England's foreign…

Chapter 28. Cromwell. 1651-1660, Part 2, "The Barebones Parliament" through the…

In A History Of England

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Charles William Chadwick Oman

A one-volume survey of the history of England from Celtic and Roman times through the end of the nineteenth century. Muscular prose makes an…

Burial of Sir John Moore

In Short Poetry Collection 208

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Charles Wolfe

This is a collection of 67 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for September 2020.


In Epics and Romances of the Middle Ages

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Wilhelm Wägner

This volume contains the principal hero-lays of the six great epic cycles of the Teutonic Middle Ages: The Langobardian Legends, the Amelung…

Harper's Ferry, part 2

In Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War

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George Francis Robert Henderson

Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War is a book combining a biography and military history of Confederate Lt. General Thomas Jonathan…

The Third Attempt by George Mallory

In The Assault on Mount Everest, 1922

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George Mallory

Personal narratives of climbing Mount Everest in 1922-1923. The expeditions did not reach the summit. The northern approach to the mountain…

Book 3, Part 1: Introduction; Breeding Stock

In Georgics

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Virgil's Georgics are the second of the three major poetic works ascribed to the poet. It was published probably around 29 BC and, as the na…