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The Fun of Getting Thin

Read by Christine Lehman

Samuel G. Blythe

In this short, amusing book, subtitled "How to Be Thin and Reduce The Waist Line," Samuel G. Blythe explains how he was able to lo…

The Old Maid

In Threads of Grey and Gold

Read by Christine Lehman

Myrtle Reed

This is a collection of short stories and poems by Myrtle Reed. Many of the stories are short romances, and they share the unique, nostalgic…

Go Wander

In The Mountain Spring and Other Poems

Read by Christine Lehman

Nannie Rebecca Glass

This is a little volume of poems of nature and religion by Virginia poet Nannie Rebecca Glass. - Summary by Carolin

Teeny-Tiny by Joseph Jacobs

In Coffee Break Collection 026 - It's a Small World

Read by Christine Lehman

Joseph Jacobs

This is the 26th Coffee Break Collection, in which Librivox readers select and read poems, fiction and non-fiction pieces of fifteen minutes…

Elizabeth Crowned

In By the Sea, and Other Verses

Read by Christine Lehman

Hannah Lavinia Baily

This is a collection of poetry by Hannah Lavinia Baily. They describe a number of different settings, prominently the sea in the titular poe…


In Etiquette Made Easy

Read by Christine Lehman

Edward Summers Squier

"A complete dictionary [sic] containing the right information for any and all occasions." (From the book's dust jacket.) - Summar…


In On The Trail: An Outdoor Book for Girls

Read by Christine Lehman

Lina Beard

Lina and Adelia Beard, co-founders of the first American girls' scouting group, originally called the Girl Scout Society, then the Girl Pion…

Love Triumphant

In 'Twixt Earth and Stars

Read by Christine Lehman

Radclyffe Hall

This is a volume of poetry by Radclyffe Hall. The poet and novelist led a highly scandalous lifestyle for the norms of her contemporary soci…