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The Psychology of Alcoholism

Read by Curt Walton

George Barton Cutten

After presenting an overview of alcoholism and its affect on society, Dr. Cutten dives into the effects of chronic alcoholism on physiology,…

The Psychology of Religion

Read by Curt Walton

Edwin Diller Starbuck

“The present volume is an excursus into individual psychology, and represents only one of several aspects of the psychology... “It is a pur…

A Study in the Psychology of Religious Phenomena

Read by Curt Walton

James H. Leuba

"The present essay when complete will contain three parts. Of the two parts now published, the first is an analysis of the conversion p…

On chronic alcoholic intoxication : with an inquiry into the influence of the a…

Read by Curt Walton

William Marcet

Physician William Marcet treated numerous cases of acute alcoholism (delirium tremens) and chronic alcoholism. He suggests gastrointestinal …

Eleven years a drunkard, or, The life of Thomas Doner: having lost both arms th…

Read by Curt Walton

Thomas Doner

He tells of the shame, misery and pain which alcohol brought on him, and will bring to anyone whosoever be tempted by the pleasant feeling i…

A Treatise of Modern Falconry

Read by Curt Walton

James Campbell

The 18th century book A Treatise on Modern Falconry is still one of the most quoted books in today's falconry community. The preface was pos…

Transformed; or, the History of a River Thief, Briefly Told

Read by Curt Walton

Jerry Mcauley

Jerry McAuley gives a testimony of his transformation from one of the wickedest men to ever live to being saved and a life of helping others…

Bert's Treatise of Hawkes and Hawking

Read by Curt Walton

Edmund Bert

An approved Treatise of Hawkes and Hawking. Divided into three Bookes. The first teacheth, How to make a short-winged Hawke good, with good …

The Dry Dock of a Thousand Wrecks

Read by Curt Walton

Philip Ilott Roberts

After an introduction to the Ole Jerry McAuley Mission in the year 1912, many wonderful stories of destitute alcoholics and addicts making a…