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The Economic Consequences of the Peace

Read by Graham McMillan

John Maynard Keynes

The Economic Consequences of the Peace (1919) was a best seller throughout the world, published by John Maynard Keynes. Keynes attended the …

Who Are the Armenians?

In The Armenian Crisis in Turkey

Read by Graham McMillan

Frederick Davis Greene

Frederick Greene shows in this book that the case of the subject races in the Ottoman Empire is desperate, that there is no hope of reform f…


In The Bubonic Plague

Read by Graham McMillan

Rai Bahadur A. Mitra

Dr. Rai Bahadur A. Mitra who was the Chief Medical Officer in Kashmir presents a short treatise on the bubonic plague. The book ranges from …

US. Command Arrangements: 2d ADVON and MACV

In Vietnam: The Advisory Years to 1965

Read by Graham McMillan

Robert Futrell

This book explains the policy of the United States and France toward Vietnam beginning after World War II until the beginning of America's e…

The Coming of Alva

In Prince and Heretic

Read by Graham McMillan

Marjorie Bowen

This novel is centered on the Dutch House of Orange, and begins with its prince, William. It is set in the time of the Holy Inquisition, whe…

Chapter XI, Part 4

In An American Vendetta: A Story of Barbarism in the United States

Read by Graham McMillan

Theron Clark Crawford

The phrase "The Hatfields and McCoys" conjures up images of feudal warfare and Appalachian backwardness even to this day. This is …

The Get-away

In O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921

Read by Graham McMillan

Orlando Faulkland Lewis

In 1918 the Society of Arts and Sciences established the O. Henry Memorial Awards to reward the very best short stories published during the…

04 - Section 04

In The Purple Cloud

Read by Graham McMillan

Matthew Phipps Shiel and M. P. Shiel

The story, a recording of a medium's meditation over the future writing of the text, details the narrator's (Adam Jeffson's) expedition to t…

1T American Inventors to 2B Officialdom, State

In Spy Proof America!

Read by Graham McMillan

J. Francis Logan

A very impassioned piece from the first World War, introducing a volunteer civilian anti-spy organization to root out enemy spies from the U…