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Visions and Revisions

Read by Keri Ford

John Cowper Powys

Powys presents a set of literary devotions of great figures in Literature who have obsessed him. He attempts not so much a reasoned critique…

Book 9, Chapters 27-31

In Le Morte d'Arthur - Vol. 1

Read by Keri Ford

Sir Thomas Malory

Le Morte d'Arthur (spelled Le Morte Darthur in the first printing and also in some modern editions, Middle French for la mort d'Arthur, &quo…

Introduction to Sir George Grey, Pioneer of Empire in Southern Lands

In Australian Miscellany

Read by Keri Ford

George Cockburn Henderson (1870–1944) and George Cockburn Henderson

A collection in celebration of 2012 Year of Reading Australia. Readers chose fiction, non fiction and poetry - we only asked that the readin…