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King Alfred of England

Read by Ryan Cherrick

Jacob Abbott

The life and accomplishments of England's sole title holder of "The Great." King Alfred defended England from Viking invasions an…

Chapter 10 Free

In In the Reign of Terror: The Adventures of a Westminster Boy

Read by Ryan Cherrick

G. A. Henty

Like all Henty books, this one centers around a young English lad whose courtesy and courage win the day. Harry Sandwith travels to France t…

Chapter V - Victory of Arminius over the Roman Legions under Varus, AD 9 - Part…

In The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World

Read by Ryan Cherrick

Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy

This work is Edward Creasy's best known fundamental work of history. It describes in detail 15 battles of world history, beginning with the …


In With Lee in Virginia

Read by Ryan Cherrick

G. A. Henty

Vincent Wingfield is the son of a wealthy Virginian planter. When the country goes to war, he enlists in the cavalry, and sees action under …