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The Story of an African Farm

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Olive Schreiner

The novel details the lives of three characters, first as children and then as adults - Waldo, Em and Lyndall - who live on a farm in the Ka…

South African Memories

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Lady Sarah Wilson

Lady Sarah Isabella Augusta Wilson was the aunt of Winston Spencer Churchill. In 1899 she became the first woman war correspondent when she …

The Outspan: Tales of South Africa

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Sir James Percy Fitzpatrick

Six poignant short stories reminiscent of life as a transport rider in the Transvaal veld in the days of the gold rush in South Africa at th…

41 - Ch. 33: The Yearning of a Breaking Heart

In East Lynne

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Mrs. Henry Wood

Ellen Wood (1814-1887) was an English novelist, better known as Mrs. Henry Wood. She wrote over 30 novels, many of which (especially East Ly…

chapter 3

In Lady Rose's Daughter

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Mrs. Humphry Ward and Mary Augusta Ward

"Julie Le Breton enchants almost everyone around her with her smart, charm, and excellent manners. She almost belongs to the English hi…

Apology for yet another book

In Native Races and the War

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Josephine Butler

Josephine Elizabeth Butler was a Victorian era British feminist who was strongly committed to liberal reforms. As a result of her efforts, i…

32 - The White Flag, part 1

In The Book of Ghosts

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Sabine Baring-Gould

Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924) was an English hagiographer, antiquarian, novelist and eclectic scholar. During his life, he publis…