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The Story of an African Farm

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Olive Schreiner

The novel details the lives of three characters, first as children and then as adults - Waldo, Em and Lyndall - who live on a farm in the Ka…

South African Memories

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Lady Sarah Wilson

Lady Sarah Isabella Augusta Wilson was the aunt of Winston Spencer Churchill. In 1899 she became the first woman war correspondent when she …

The Outspan: Tales of South Africa

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Sir James Percy Fitzpatrick

Six poignant short stories reminiscent of life as a transport rider in the Transvaal veld in the days of the gold rush in South Africa at th…

012 - Book II, Chapters 8 and 9

In Camilla

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Frances Burney

Camilla is Frances Burney's third novel. It became very popular upon its publication in 1796. Jane Austen referred to it, among other novels…