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20 - Conclusion

In The Autobiography of an Electron

Read by Laura Victoria

Charles R. Gibson

"While many scientific men now understand our place in the universe, we electrons are anxious that every person should know the very im…

36 - Chapter 23 - Part 1 - Of evening prayer...

In A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

Read by Victoria Martin

William Law

This is one of the greatest devotional books of the Christian faith, inspiring thousands to a closer walk with their Lord. John Wesley was a…


In The Mother's Dream, and Other Poems

Read by Victoria Asztaller

Hannah Flagg Gould

This is a volume of poetry by Hannah Flagg Gould. Ms Gould was an immensely popular author of children's poetry during her lifetime, and her…

A City of Ghosts

In Prowling About Panama

Read by Victoria Neely

George A. Miller

In 1903, Panama became a brand new state in Central America by seceding from Colombia in order to facilitate the construction of the Panama …

Der Kranke

In Wir fanden einen Pfad: Neue Gedichte

Read by Victoria Asztaller

Christian Morgenstern

Dies ist eine Sammlung von 47 Gedichten von Christian Morgenstern. Die Sammlung "Wir fanden einen Pfad" war der letzte Gedichtband…

Der Reisende

In Fabeln und Erzählungen

Read by Victoria Asztaller

Christian Fürchtegott Gellert

Dies ist ein Gedichtband von Christian Fürchtegott Gellert. Die Gedichte haben gemein, dass sie alle eine kurze Geschichte erzähle…

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