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In Tale of Buster Bumblebee

Read by Victoria P

Arthur Scott Bailey

Buster Bumblebee and his family move into a new home. Excitement and buzzing abound. Buster meet a strange fellow called a carpenter bee, wa…

After Office Hours In The House of Dunbar, Dunbar, and Balderby

In Henry Dunbar

Read by Victoria P

Mary Elizabeth Braddon

In this novel by Victorian sensationalist Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Henry Dunbar returns to England after a 30-year exile to India for committ…

Initiated To Mormon Faith

In On A Donkey's Hurricane Deck

Read by Victoria P

Robert Pitcher Woodward

" A Tempestous Voyage of Four Thousand and Ninety-Six Miles Across the American Continent on a Burro, in 340 Days and 2 Hours - startin…


In Bully and Bawly No-Tail (the Jumping Frogs)

Read by Victoria Peacock

Howard R. Garis

"Once upon a time, not so very many years ago, there were two little frog boys who lived in a little pond near a nice big farm. It wasn…

The neocolonial prison and the ‘mark’ of whiteness in current Argentina: Race, g…

In Border Criminologies

Read by Victoria Pereyra


University of Oxford Podcasts

One of My Sons

Read by Laura Victoria

Anna Katharine Green

A young girl frantically summons a gentleman walking by on the street to come in and help her grandfather. Arthur Outhwaite answers her cry …

The Life of Kit Carson

Read by Laura Victoria

Edward S. Ellis

Christopher Carson, or as he was familiarly called, Kit Carson, was a man whose real worth was understood only by those with whom he was ass…