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How I Know God Answers Prayer

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Rosalind Goforth

This book is a testimony of how powerful prayer is, how God answers every prayer, even if it is not just how we want it answered. Rosalind G…

Sunshine Factory

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Seven very short sweet stories by Pansy that you will not soon forget! They are stories children will love, and everyone can enjoy. They wil…

Little Meg's Children

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Hesba Stretton

This is the touching and endearing story of Little Meg and her trials and difficulties as she does her best to look after 'her children' aft…

Chapter 1

In A Dark Night's Work

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Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Love, murder and class commentary in Mrs Gaskell's usual brilliant style! This novel was originally serialised and published by Charles Dick…

Chapter II

In The Courage of Marge O'Doone

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James Oliver Curwood

David Raine is travelling, trying to escape his own memories. On the train he meets Father Rolland, who invites him North, to a world of &qu…

The Himalayas

In The Cliff Climbers

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Thomas Mayne Reid

A plant hunter, Karl Linden, and his brother Caspar are on their way to the Himalayas to collect the plants of that region. Many adventures…

The Pilgrim's Wants

In Short Poetry Collection 133

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This is a collection of 27 poems read by LibriVox volunteers for June 2014.

The New Nests and the New Eggs

In Tales of a Poultry Farm

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Clara Dillingham Pierson

Another interesting book by Clara Dillingham Pierson, this time focusing on the poultry you might have in your farmyard! The chickens, ducks…

Chapter I of Part I

In Lives of the Three Mrs. Judsons

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Arabella M. Willson

This book follows the three amazing stories of Adoniram Judson's wives, Ann, Sarah, and Emily. Each wife went through incredible hardships, …