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At the Back of the North Wind (version 2)

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George MacDonald

At the Back of the North Wind is a children's book by George MacDonald. It was serialized in the children's magazine Good Words for the Youn…

The Sleeping Beauty and other fairy tales From the Old French

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Charles Perrault

What began as a translation project became a retelling of four classic fairy tales from the Cabinet des Fees, the French collection of over …

Romances of Old Japan

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Yei Theodora Ozaki

A collection of romances from old Japan rendered into English by Yei Theodora Ozaki. Filled with tales of honor, adventure, tragedy, and rom…

Anting-Anting Stories And Other Strange Tales of the Filipinos

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Sargent Kayme

"No less wonderful and varied are the inhabitants and the phenomena of the Philippines, and a new author, showing rare knowledge of the…

Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan: First Series

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Lafcadio Hearn

Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan is a collection of essays by Lafcadio Hearn detailing his first impressions of the country he found so fascinat…

Nang Bata Pa Kami

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Pura L. Medrano

A story of a secret courtship told in the voices of both lovers. There are things that stand in the way of their love. Love letters, nostalg…

The Governess; Or, The Little Female Academy

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Sarah Fielding

The Governess, or The Little Female Academy (published 1749) by Sarah Fielding is the first full-length novel written for children, and a si…


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Olive Wadsley

At the beginning of the story, Tony and Fay had lost a child. One day, Tony saves a little girl, Doro, from drowning. He and Fay end up ad…


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Sara Coleridge

In 1837 came Phantasmion, a Fairy Tale, Sara Coleridge's longest original work, described by critic Mike Ashley as "the first fairytale…

The Sleeping Beauty

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C. S. Evans

A retelling of the classic fairy-tale, illustrated by one of the leading figures in the Golden Age of book illustration. Never underestimat…

Story of the Larrikin and the Cook, part 1

In The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night (Arabian Nights) Volume 11

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Anonymoustranslated Byrichard Francis Burton

This is a collection of stories collected over thousands of years by various authors, translators and scholars. They are an amalgam of mytho…

Dibdin's Ghost - Read by MC

In Dibdin’s Ghost

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Eugene Field

LibriVox volunteers bring you 12 recordings of Dibdin’s Ghost by Eugene Field. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for December 30, 2012…

Stories from Pliny: How Dogs Love by Pliny

In The Animal Story Book

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Edited by Andrew Lang, this book is an anthology of interesting stories about a wide variety of diffferent animals collected from numerous s…

Do You Fear the Wind? - Read by MC

In Do You Fear the Wind?

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Hamlin Garland

LibriVox volunteers bring you 16 recordings of Do You Fear the Wind? by Hamlin Garland. This was the Weekly Poetry project for February 3, 2…


In The Children Of The Abbey

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Regina Maria Roche

Published in 1796, this novel tells the trials and tribulations of Amanda and Oscar FitzAlan, brother and sister who have to navigate the wo…

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