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The Man Whom the Trees Loved

Read by Amy Gramour

Algernon Blackwood

The story of a man’s deep connection with nature and his wife’s fear of it. –Summary by Amy Larch Gramour

Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, Collected Translations

Read by Amy Gramour

Omar Khayyám

The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám (Persian: رباعیات عمر خیام) is the title that Edward FitzGerald gave to his translation of…

The Wendigo

Read by Amy Gramour

Algernon Blackwood

Another camper tale, this time set in the Canadian wilderness. A hunting party separates to track moose, and one member is abducted by the W…

A Romance of Two Worlds

Read by Amy Gramour

Marie Corelli

The book starts with a young heroine telling her story of coping with a debilitating illness that includes depression and thoughts of suicid…

Amphibians and Reptiles in Captivity

Read by Amy Gramour

Robert N Bader, Donald J Coxwell and Thomas R. Johnson

In recent years the number of people interested in keeping amphibians and reptiles in captivity has grown rapidly. All too often, these same…

Plymouth Mayflowers

In Literary Pilgrimages of a Naturalist

Read by Amy Gramour

Winthrop Packard

Noted American Naturalist, Winthrop Packard, who gave us such titles as “Woodland Pastures,” “Wood Wanderings,” and “Wildwood Ways,” now tak…

Seedling Fruits

In Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 094

Read by Amy Gramour

Henry Ward Beecher

"Fine experience lies at one's own doorstep" writes Raymond S. Spears, suggesting that boating on the Mississippi River offers &qu…


In Enquiry Concerning Political Justice and its Influence on Morals and Happiness.…

Read by Amy Gramour

William Godwin

It was Godwin, in his Enquiry concerning Political Justice (2 vols., 1793), who was the first to formulate the political and economical conc…

An Exception - read by AG

In An Exception

Read by Amy Gramour

Ellis Parker Butler

LibriVox volunteers bring you 19 recordings of An Exception by Ellis Parker Butler.This was the Weekly Poetry project for November 19, 2023.…

The Quarry

In Motley, and Other Poems

Read by Amy Gramour

Walter De La Mare

From English poet Walter De la Mare comes an early collection of poems reflecting on loss, mortality, and universal questions. - Summary by …


In Thunder and Lightning

Read by Amy Gramour

Camille Flammarion

It would be an interesting thing to make a careful study once a year, towards the end of the summer, of the habits and customs of thunder an…

B. The Longevity of Man. 16. Statements as to the Duration of Human life

In On Comparative Longevity in Man and the Lower Animals

Read by Amy Gramour

E. Ray Lankester

A prize was recently offered in the University of Oxford for an Essay on Longevity, and was awarded to the little treatise now published. In…

Let There Be Light

In Short Science Fiction Collection 090

Read by Amy Gramour

H. B. Fyfe

Science fiction is a genre encompassing imaginative works that take place in this world or that of the author’s creation where anything is p…

City Trees

In Poems

Read by Amy Gramour

Edna St. Vincent Millay

This volume of poems was published in 1923, the year Edna St. Vincent Millay became the third woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. I…

Lilies of All Kinds

In The Flowers of Shakespeare

Read by Amy Gramour

Esther Singleton

A lovely collection of information about those flowers that appear in William Shakespeare's work. The brief chapters are categorized by the …