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Moon-Face and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Jack London

Well-known and well-regarded author Jack London, known for adventurous stories of the outdoors such as Call of the Wild and White Fang shows…

The Last Drive

Read by Ben Tucker

Rex Stout

From celebrated crime author Rex Stout, creator of the long-running Nero Wolfe detective stories, comes this early mystery, that served as …

At the Mountains of Madness

Read by Ben Tucker

H. P. Lovecraft

In the most cold and remote region of the planet lies mountains towering higher than the Himalayas and containing abominable secrets the min…

The Listener and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Algernon Blackwood

Algernon Blackwood, noted maestro of weird fiction, in his second collection of stories gives us some of his best and most well-known tales …

Scream at Midnight

Read by Ben Tucker

Joseph Payne Brennan

Thrill to a collection of terrifying stories from famed pulp horror writer Joseph Payne Brennan, author of "Slime", the story that…

Little Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Silas Weir Mitchell

Physician and author S. Weir Mitchell brings us a short collection of stories of the human condition. Through diverse settings as the mystic…

The Shrine of Death and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Emilia Francis, Lady Dilke

Lady Emilia Dilke was a renowned author, art historian and women's activist whose supernatural weird tales often had a haunting dreamlike qu…

The Tarzan Twins

Read by Ben Tucker

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Dick and Doc aren't actual twins. They're technically cousins, being the sons of twin sisters. But having been born on the same day and look…

A Warning to the Curious and Other Ghost Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

M. R. James

From a master of weird fiction comes this collection of ghost stories rooted in the antiquarian pursuits. A doll's house that reveals more t…

Weird Tales Presents: The Strange World of Harry Houdini

Read by Ben Tucker


In 1924, the odd and wonderful Weird Tales Magazine published a series of stories written (or ghost-written in at least one instance) by not…

Strange Roads & With the Gods in Spring

Read by Ben Tucker

Arthur Machen and Vincent Starrett

The centerpieces of this collection are two essays by Arthur Machen, Strange Roads and With the Gods in Spring. Both use images of journeys …

Prince Zaleski

Read by Ben Tucker

Matthew Phipps Shiel and M. P. Shiel

Weird fiction author M. P. Shiel brings us a most unusual detective in Prince Zaleski in his first published book. Ensconced within his orn…

Corpus Earthling

Read by Ben Tucker

Louis Charbonneau

Paul Cameron is an English literature teacher at a local college and seems to be living a relatively content but somewhat lonely life in his…

Tales of Mystery and Horror

Read by Ben Tucker

Maurice Level

Maurice Level was a French writer of supremely twisted and macabre fiction with demented plotting and gruesome violence reminiscent of Edgar…

Conjure Wife

Read by Ben Tucker

Fritz Leiber

Norman Saylor is a logical, practical fellow with a bright future at the college he teaches at and a loving wife who supports him in every w…

Lukundoo and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Edward Lucas White

Edward Lucas White was a well-regarded author of weird fiction, admired by the likes of H. P. Lovecraft. The title story of this collection…

David Poindexter's Disappearance and Other Tales

Read by Ben Tucker

Julian Hawthorne

Julian Hawthorne, son of famed author Nathaniel Hawthorne, brings together a collection of stories of tragedy, lost love and occasionally of…

The Chain of Destiny

Read by Ben Tucker

Bram Stoker

Frank Stanford, strapping young man, heads out to the countryside to visit his old friends Mr. and Mrs. Trevor as the Scarp estate. What beg…

The Supernatural in Modern English Fiction

Read by Ben Tucker

Dorothy Scarborough

Scholar of the macabre Dorothy Scarborough provides us with the first comprehensive overview of supernatural fiction in literary history, a …

The Face in the Abyss

Read by Ben Tucker

Abraham Merritt

Our narrator tells us of the time he met Nicholas Graydon in a small village in the Peruvian uplands of the Andean mountains, feverish and a…

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