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Fantastics and Other Fancies

Read by Ben Tucker

Lafcadio Hearn

This posthumous collection of short stories by noted author and historian of weird folklore brings together 36 of his earliest works, many o…

The Cinema of Orson Welles

Read by Ben Tucker

Peter Bogdanovich

Acclaimed director Peter Bogdanovich (The Last Picture Show, Paper Moon) was, early in his career, a film critic. It was during this time t…

When the World Screamed

Read by Ben Tucker

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A new Professor Challenger Story! When Mr. Peerless Jones, artesian borer, is contact by the great but eccentric Professor Challenger with …

The Little Room and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Madeline Wynne

Woman of Weird Fiction Madeline Yale Wynne took to writing later in life but produced some truly unique and strange pieces of literature suc…

The Flight of the Shadow

Read by Ben Tucker

Laura M. Dake

The original printing of The Flight of the Shadow is a highly sought novel among collectors and tells the tale of an Astral soul who tells a…

The Devil-Ray

Read by Ben Tucker

Joel Martin Nichols, Jr.

George Ferris is a master thief with amnesia. He and his two partners in crime concoct a plan to break into the famed Castle Blennerhof in a…

The Early Misadventures of Toffee

Read by Ben Tucker

Henry Farrell

Included in this collection are the first two stories featuring that wonderfully wacky dream girl temptress Toffee! Stories include:"I…

Knock Three-One-Two

Read by Ben Tucker

Fredric Brown

A serial killer is on the loose and is thirsting for another kill. Meanwhile sad sack loser Ray Fleck, compulsive gambler, has racked up a …

Bratton's Idea

Read by Ben Tucker

Manly Wade Wellman

Bratton, a humble old janitor at a Hollywood film studio, has a secret passion... Mad Science! He has made it his life's ambition to create …

Dream Tales and Prose Poems

Read by Ben Tucker

Ivan Turgenev

World-renowned Russian author Ivan Turgenev brings us a collection of stories that traffic in the world of dreams, stories of lost love, of …

Moon-Face and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Jack London

Well-known and well-regarded author Jack London, known for adventurous stories of the outdoors such as Call of the Wild and White Fang shows…

The Moon Men

Read by Ben Tucker

Edgar Rice Burroughs

The second book in the Moon Maid trilogy, this novel details the exploits of a descendant of the protagonist of the first novel as he leads …

The Last Drive

Read by Ben Tucker

Rex Stout

From celebrated crime author Rex Stout, creator of the long-running Nero Wolfe detective stories, comes this early mystery, that served as …

Destiny Times Three

Read by Ben Tucker

Fritz Leiber

Thorn and Clawly seek to present to the World Executive Committee some most disturbing findings, findings that indicate that we may not be a…

Sinister House

Read by Ben Tucker

Leland Hall

What is it about that old house down the road that bothers Pierre and his wife Annette so much? The owners, Eric and Julia, seem like nice p…

At the Mountains of Madness

Read by Ben Tucker

H. P. Lovecraft

In the most cold and remote region of the planet lies mountains towering higher than the Himalayas and containing abominable secrets the min…

The Listener and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Algernon Blackwood

Algernon Blackwood, noted maestro of weird fiction, in his second collection of stories gives us some of his best and most well-known tales …

The Tarzan Twins

Read by Ben Tucker

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Dick and Doc aren't actual twins. They're technically cousins, being the sons of twin sisters. But having been born on the same day and look…

Scream at Midnight

Read by Ben Tucker

Joseph Payne Brennan

Thrill to a collection of terrifying stories from famed pulp horror writer Joseph Payne Brennan, author of "Slime", the story that…

The Shrine of Death and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Emilia Francis, Lady Dilke

Lady Emilia Dilke was a renowned author, art historian and women's activist whose supernatural weird tales often had a haunting dreamlike qu…

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