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The Chain of Destiny

Read by Ben Tucker

Bram Stoker

Frank Stanford, strapping young man, heads out to the countryside to visit his old friends Mr. and Mrs. Trevor as the Scarp estate. What beg…

Killing Time

Read by Ben Tucker

Donald E. Westlake

From Donald Westlake, author of the hard-biting Parker novels (as Richard Stark), comes the story of Tim Smith, the local private eye of a s…

Nightmare Tales

Read by Ben Tucker

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Madame Blavatsky is perhaps most well known as a scholar of Theosophy and co-founder of the Theosophical Society. Her studies of religion, m…

Thieves Like Us

Read by Ben Tucker

Edward Anderson

Thieves Like Us (later re-released as Your Red Wagon) is the thrilling Depression-era tale of Bowie Bowers, a young convict who has escaped …

The Haunted Room

Read by Esther ben Simonides

Charlotte Maria Tucker

Mr. Trevor inherits a piece of land in the country called Myst Court, and plans to move there with his three children: Emmie, Bruce, and Vib…

The Spanish Cavalier

Read by Esther ben Simonides

Charlotte Maria Tucker

Weird Tales Presents: Dark Stories of Stark, Unreasoning Terror

Read by Ben Tucker

Robert E. Howard

Grandmaster of weird fiction Robert E. Howard is perhaps most well-known as the forefather of dark fantasy via creations like Conan the Barb…

The Face in the Abyss

Read by Ben Tucker

Abraham Merritt

Our narrator tells us of the time he met Nicholas Graydon in a small village in the Peruvian uplands of the Andean mountains, feverish and a…

Weird Tales Double Feature: Kull of Valusia

Read by Ben Tucker

Robert E. Howard

Before Conan the Barbarian, Robert E. Howard created Kull the Conqueror, revealed later by Howard to be an ancestor of Conan. Kull, like Co…

The Supernatural in Modern English Fiction

Read by Ben Tucker

Dorothy Scarborough

Scholar of the macabre Dorothy Scarborough provides us with the first comprehensive overview of supernatural fiction in literary history, a …

The Canal, and Leonora

Read by Ben Tucker

Everil Worrell

Everil Worrell was one of the few female writers of weird fiction in the early days of Weird Tales magazine and 1927 marked a seminal year f…

Revolt of the Birds

Read by Ben Tucker

Melville Davisson Post

As the butterfly is drawn by instinct over thousands of miles to its mate, so the man Hudson is drawn to a deadly island of terrors to the w…

The House of Dust

Read by Ben Tucker

L. A. Borah

The old Lamont House sits still out in the Louisiana swamp, covered in dust and seemingly untouched since that terrible murder that occurred…

Ten Minute Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Algernon Blackwood

Noted author of weird fiction Algernon Blackwood brings us a collection of shorter stories than some of his more well-known tales of terror.…

The Swine-Gods and Other Visions

Read by Ben Tucker

Regina Miriam Bloch

Regina Miriam Bloch is a somewhat enigmatic figure in the world of Weird Fiction, having written only two slim volumes (The Swine-Gods and O…

The Unholy Three

Read by Ben Tucker

Tod Robbins

Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up and put your eyes on the most bizarre crime spree you will ever bear witness to! See the broad-shouldere…

The Snarl of the Beast

Read by Ben Tucker

Carroll John Daly

Carroll John Daly, enormously popular in his day but has since faded into obscurity, is often credited with penning the first hard-boiled cr…

The Monster and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Stephen Crane

From the celebrated author of the Red Badge of Courage comes this final collection of stories released in Crane's lifetime. These stories of…

New Bodies for Old

Read by Ben Tucker

Maurice Renard

Maurice Renard's little known but delightfully bizarre tale of mad science run amok owes much to H. G. Wells' The Island of Dr. Moreau while…


Read by Ben Tucker

Cornell Woolrich

Dark crime fiction author Cornell Woolrich (real name George Hopley) brings us this show-stopping collection of grim and twisted stories of …

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