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The Fantasy Fan Magazine Presents: Writings of Clark Ashton Smith

Read by Ben Tucker

Clark Ashton Smith

Collected here are all of Clark Aston Smith's writings he submitted to The Fantasy Fan Magazine. The Fantasy Fan Magazine was a periodical d…

The Smoking Leg and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

John Metcalfe

Celebrated science fiction author Brian Stableford has praised John Metcalfe's stories saying they "build up a unique sense of unease&q…

Three Midnight Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Alexander W. Drake

Alexander W. Drake was a well-regarded illustrator and engraver, spending much of his career at the vaunted Scribner's Monthly magazine (whi…

The Vampire Nemesis and Other Weird Tales of the China Coast

Read by Ben Tucker


This unjustly forgotten classic collection of grisly horror stories from pseudonymous author Dolly brings us four tantalizing and terrible t…

Studies of Death

Read by Ben Tucker

Count Stanislaus Eric Stenbock

Count Stanislaus Eric Stenbock was an eccentric character to say the least. Maintaining a veritable zoo on his estate populated with the lik…

The Dolliver Romance and Other Pieces

Read by Ben Tucker

Nathaniel Hawthorne

This post-humous collection of stories, sketches and essays by celebrated quintessential New England author Nathaniel Hawthorne gives us gli…

The Thing in the Woods

Read by Ben Tucker

Margery Williams

Dr. Haverill is asked to fill in as local physician for the skittish Dr. Lennox in a small Pennsylvania town. The locals seem to be a supers…

Pillar of Fire

Read by Ben Tucker

Ray Bradbury

"We cannot tell you what kind of a story this is. We simply cannot present it as we present other stories. It is too tremendous for tha…

The Woman of the Wood

Read by Ben Tucker

Abraham Merritt

Here is a story utterly different from any you have ever read before—a tale of a forest of trees in actual warfare against their human foes—…

The Creatures That Time Forgot

Read by Ben Tucker

Ray Bradbury

Mad, impossible world! Sun-blasted by day, cold-wracked by night—and life condensed by radiation into eight days! Sim eyed the Ship—if he on…


Read by Ben Tucker

Vernon Lee

"Hence, my four little tales are of no genuine ghosts in the scientific sense; they tell of no hauntings such as could be contributed b…

The Metal Giants

Read by Ben Tucker

Edmond Hamilton

Huge metal monsters spread terror throughout the land... the tale of a Frankenstein that turned on its creator! - Summary by Weird Tales Mag…

The Haunted Island

Read by Ben Tucker

Edward Harold Visiak

Being the History of an Adventure to an Island in the Remote South Sea. Of a Wizard there. Of his Pirate Gang; His Treasure ; His Combustibl…

Madam Crowl's Ghost and Other Tales of Mystery

Read by Ben Tucker

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu...was in his own particular vein one of the best story-tellers of the nineteenth century; and the present volume con…

Bullet Proof

Read by Ben Tucker

Frank Kane

Johnny Liddell, the fast-moving New York private eye, is hired to investigate a murder which everyone but the client calls a suicide. The cl…

Before Egypt

Read by Ben Tucker

Robert Bloch

It was Mallison's strangest assignment. The weird little professor wanted to go to Egypt. That meant a trip back to Earth so far as Mallison…

Incredible Adventures

Read by Ben Tucker

Algernon Blackwood

"In the volume titled Incredible Adventures occur some of the finest tales which the author has yet produced, leading the fancy to wild…

Over My Dead Body

Read by Ben Tucker

Rex Stout

It all began one day when two beautiful "females" as Archie called them, arrived in Nero Wolfe's. office with a problem Wolfe didn…

Whispering Tunnels

Read by Ben Tucker

Stephen Bagby

A novelette of Verdun, the World War and Devil-Worship! - Summary by Weird Tales Magazine

The Cosmic Junkman

Read by Ben Tucker

Rog Phillips

After the war, Earth stored away its robot armies or sold them for scrap—because fighting machines were dangerous. But more deadly was— THE …

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