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12 - Mates

In In a North Country Village

Read by Phil Benson

M. E. Francis

M. E. Francis was born Mary E. Sweetman in Dublin and moved to Lancashire on her marriage to Francis Nicholas Blundell, of the Blundell fami…

Masque of Anarchy, The - Preface to the 1832 Edition

In The Masque of Anarchy

Read by Phil Benson

Leigh Hunt

The Masque of Anarchy was Shelley's response to the Peterloo massacre at St Peter's Fields, Manchester, where 18 died and hundreds were inju…

08 - The Lakes of Dean

In Lancashire Characters and Places

Read by Phil Benson

Thomas Newbigging

An eclectic collection of essays on late 19th-century Lancashire culture and life, including essays on the poets John Critchley Prince and E…

01 - Chapters 1-3

In Thorstein of the Mere: A Saga of the Northmen in Lakeland

Read by Phil Benson

W. G. Collingwood and William Gershom Collingwood

A fine adventure set in 10th-century England at a time when everyday life in north was made hazardous by wars and shifting alliances among S…

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