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Read by Phil Benson

Frederick W. Heath and Sidney Heath

Exeter, county town of Devon, is one of England's most historic cities with remains of the Roman occupation and medieval times still on view…

The White Doe of Rylstone

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William Wordsworth

A narrative poem in seven cantos, set during the Northern Rebellion of 1569. A group of Catholic nobleman from the North of England attempt …

Geraldine Jewsbury in Jerrold's Shilling Magazine, 1846-47

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Geraldine Jewsbury

'The most striking feature in the present day, far more than that of railways even, is the utter chaos into which all previously received pr…

The Masque of Anarchy

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Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Masque of Anarchy was Shelley's response to the Peterloo massacre at St Peter's Fields, Manchester, where 18 died and hundreds were inju…

Short stories (Early works 1837-1852)

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Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

A collection of Elizabeth Gaskell's early short stories. Following the publication of Mary Barton in 1848, Gaskell published many of her sho…

Songs of a Sourdough

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Robert W. Service

Reputedly the best-selling poetry collection of the 20th century, 'Songs of a Sourdough' is best known for Robert W. Service's classic Yukon…

The Story of Peterloo

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Francis Archibald Bruton

On 16th August 1819 around 60,000 people gathered at St. Peter’s Fields, Manchester, to rally for parliamentary reform. Shortly after the me…


Read by Phil Benson

Yone Noguchi

'Kamakura is nothing if she has no history, writes Japanese novelist, poet, and essayist Yone Noguchi. At the turn of the 20th century, Kama…

Mr. Moffatt

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Chester Francis Cobb

Mr. Moffatt owns a chemist's business in suburban Sydney, Australia, where he lives with his wife, Florence, and adult daughter, Naomi. The …

Lancashire Dialogues

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John Byrom

A scion of the Byroms of Byrom Hall in Lowton, Lancashire, John Byrom was born and lived in Manchester and Salford for much of his life. Edu…

The Haunted Woman

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David Lindsay

Isabel Loment is engaged to the affectionate, but unemotional, Marshall Stokes. House-hunting for her aunt, she comes to Runhill Court, an a…

The Manchester Man

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Isabella Varley Banks

Jabez Clegg, the Manchester man, floats into this historical novel in 1799, carried downstream by the River Irk in flood. Jabez's rise to co…

Nada the Lily

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H. Rider Haggard

A classic tale of love and revenge set in the Zulu Kingdom of present-day KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. A work of fiction loosely woven aro…

Extracts from a Diary Kept by the Rev. R. Burrows during Heke's War in the Nort…

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Robert Burrows

An eye-witness account of the so-called Flagstaff War, fought between Maori warriors, led by Hone Heke, and British troops between March 184…

The Twilight of the Souls

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Louis Couperus

The third book in Louis Couperus' Books of the Small Souls quartet. The Twilight of the Souls begins some months after the conclusion of The…

Songs for the Millions, and other poems

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Benjamin Stott

Born in Manchester, and a bookbinder by trade, Benjamin Stott was an active trade unionist and member of the Chartist movement. Songs of the…

Art in Australia, No. 2, 1917

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In 1916, three prominent identities in the Sydney art world - Sydney Ure Smith, Bertram Stevens and Charles Lloyd Jones - got together to pu…

Poems by Charles Harpur

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Charles Harpur

Charles Harpur was arguably the first major Australia-born poet, best known for Australia-themed poems such as 'The Kangaroo Hunt' and the '…

Thorstein of the Mere: A Saga of the Northmen in Lakeland

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William Gershom Collingwood

A fine adventure set in 10th-century England at a time when everyday life in north was made hazardous by wars and shifting alliances among S…

Karl Marx: An Essay

Read by Phil Benson

Harold J. Laski

Born in Manchester in 1893, Harold Laski was a leading figure in the left-wing of British socialism in the first half of the 20th century. A…

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