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The Fates of the Princes of Dyfed

Read by Phil Benson

Cenydd Morus

Cenydd Morus's (Kenneth Morris) imaginative retelling of tales from the Mabinogion, the great work of Welsh literature first recorded in the…

Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods

Read by Phil Benson

William T. Cox

A limbless reptilian monster that propels itself through the swamps with a propellor-tipped tail? A creature so ashamed of its monstrous app…

Coniston Tales

Read by Phil Benson

William Gershom Collingwood

A selection of poems and short prose pieces grounded in the landscape, history and legends of Coniston in the English Lake District. W. G. C…

Cecil's Own Book

Read by Phil Benson

Ann Hawkshaw

Ann Hawkshaw's fourth and final collection was published privately and named for her young grandson, Cecil Wedgwood. Written for children, t…

Who Did It?

Read by Phil Benson

Nat Gould

Following the dissolution of the New South Wales government, Henry Bryce is ready to take on the Labour Party for the seat of Balmain East. …


Read by Phil Benson

Sir Henry Newbolt

Ywain, a knight bored with his administrative duties, abandons his estate to his younger brother and goes on a pilgrimage to seek his heart'…

Prose Romances from the Oxford and Cambridge Magazine (1856)

Read by Phil Benson

William Morris

William Morris initiated the genre of high fantasy in a number of short novels written toward the end of his life. But he had already experi…

Poems for my Children

Read by Phil Benson

Ann Hawkshaw

Published in 1847, five years after her epic poem, 'Dionysus the Areopagite', 'Poems For My Children' was Ann Hawkshaw's second collection o…

Three Accounts of Peterloo

Read by Phil Benson

Francis Archibald Bruton

A companion volume to F.A. Bruton's 'The Story of Peterloo', the full title of this short collection is 'Three Accounts of Peterloo by Eyewi…

North Lancashire

Read by Phil Benson

John Edward Marr

Cambridge County Geographies was a 75 volume series covering the counties of England, Scotland and Wales. Separate volumes were produced for…

The Blue Review, Number 1

Read by Phil Benson


The Blue Review was a short lived monthly journal published in London between May and July 1913. The successor to Rhythm, The Blue Review wa…

Six lyrics from the Ruthenian of Taras Shevchenko, also The Song of the Merchan…

Read by Phil Benson

Mikhail Yurevich Lermontov

Poetry by two radical poets, born in the same year, who suffered exile and punishment under the Tsarist Russian empire. Taras Shevchenko is …

Sonnets on Anglo-Saxon History

Read by Phil Benson

Ann Hawkshaw

The history of Britain up to the Norman Conquest in the form of 100 prose commentaries, each followed by a sonnet. The commentaries set the …

Jaufry the Knight and the Fair Brunissende

Read by Phil Benson

Jean-Bernard Mary-Lafon

Taulat de Rugimon arrives at the court of King Arthur and stabs one of Arthur's knights. Jaufry, a young and ambitious knight, sets off in p…

Dionysius the Areopagite, with other poems

Read by Phil Benson

Ann Hawkshaw

An early figure in the birth of poetry in industrial Manchester, Ann Hawkshaw published three collections and another was circulated private…


Read by Phil Benson

Frederick W. Heath and Sidney Heath

Exeter, county town of Devon, is one of England's most historic cities with remains of the Roman occupation and medieval times still on view…

The White Doe of Rylstone

Read by Phil Benson

William Wordsworth

A narrative poem in seven cantos, set during the Northern Rebellion of 1569. A group of Catholic nobleman from the North of England attempt …

Geraldine Jewsbury in Jerrold's Shilling Magazine, 1846-47

Read by Phil Benson

Geraldine Jewsbury

'The most striking feature in the present day, far more than that of railways even, is the utter chaos into which all previously received pr…

The Masque of Anarchy

Read by Phil Benson

Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Masque of Anarchy was Shelley's response to the Peterloo massacre at St Peter's Fields, Manchester, where 18 died and hundreds were inju…

Songs of a Sourdough

Read by Phil Benson

Robert W. Service

Reputedly the best-selling poetry collection of the 20th century, 'Songs of a Sourdough' is best known for Robert W. Service's classic Yukon…

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