Henry Salt

The Logic of Vegetarianism

Read by Lee Smalley

With clear logic and entertaining dialogues, the author presents many reasons for a vegetarian rather than a “flesh-eating” diet, and his ar…

Life of Henry David Thoreau

Read by PhyllisV

Henry David Thoreau was a fascinating man, contributing vast amounts of information on nature history, leading the way for environmentalism.…

The Call of the Wildflower

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

A learned, and immensely pleasant, journey in search of wildflowers as told by the author. - Summary by KevinS

Animals’ Rights Considered In Relation To Social Progress (Version 2)

Read by Jeffrey Allen Stumpf

Published in 1892, this pioneering book presents early philosophical and ethical arguments for the compassionate treatment of animals and cr…

Animals' Rights Considered in Relation to Social Progress

Read by LucieLutin

In the book, Salt argues against the idea of speciesism, though the term was not coined for another 76 years.The book also argues against vi…