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That Unfortunate Marriage

Read by Angel5

Frances Eleanor Trollope

This is the funny, romantic, slightly tongue-in-cheek story of how little May Cheffington makes her way in the world despite being the sole …

Animals of the Past

Read by Jeffery

Frederic Lucas

Prior to the emergence of paleontology and comparative anatomy as scientific disciplines at the end of the 18th century, it was generally kn…

How To Tell A Story, and Other Essays

Read by John Greenman

Mark Twain

The complete collection of works using this title. Other versions, including the Project Gutenberg version, have been radically shortened. M…

Baled Hay: A Drier Book than Walt Whitman's ''Leaves o' Grass''

Read by Scotty Smith

Bill Nye

There can really be no excuse for this last book of trite and beautiful sayings. I do not attempt, in any way, to palliate this great wrong.…

A Book of Whales

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Frank Evers Beddard

A Book of Whales is a natural history of whales for the layman. - Summary by A. Gramour

Limanora, The Island Of Progress

Read by KirksVoice

Godfrey Sweven

Our ethereal man with wings, whom we met in Riallaro, continues his tale about Limanora which is a Utopian Island created as an experiment i…

The Penitent

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Edna St. Vincent Millay

LibriVox volunteers bring you12 recordings of The Penitent by Edna St. Vincent Millay. This was the Weekly Poetry project for May 5, 2019. …

Sammlung deutscher Gedichte 029

Read by LibriVox Volunteers


Eine Sammlung von 20 deutschen Gedichten für LibriVox. Eine Liste weiterer kurzer Aufnahmen (Erzählungen, Gedichte, Märchen…

''Tell It All'': The Story of a Life's Experience in Mormonism

Read by Elyse J. Wood

Fanny Stenhouse

Fanny relates the experiences of a 19th century missionary as she and her young husband proselytize throughout Europe in search of converts …

The Heroic Life and Exploits of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer

Read by Phil Schempf


This is the prequel of the Nibelungenlied. It tells the tale of Siegfried as a young man when he sets forth to earn a name for himself so h…

India's Love Lyrics

Read by Helen Williford-Lower

Laurence Hope

The poetry of Adela Florence Cory aka Violet Nicolson, is some of the most unique and passionate in the English language. Under the pen name…

State of the Union Addresses by United States Presidents (1877 - 1884)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Rutherford B. Hayes

The State of the Union address is a speech presented by the President of the United States to a joint session of the United States Congress,…

Ὁμήρου Ὀδύσσεια (Ραψῳδία 18) - The Odyssey By Homer (Book 18)

Read by Ἑλένη Κεμικτσή


Ἡ Ὀδύσσεια τοῦ Ὁμήρου ἐντάσσεται στὰ πλαίσια τῶν ἐργασιῶν πού ξεκίνησα ἐδῶ καὶ μερικὰ χρόνια στὴν ἰστοσελίδα μου Projet Homere (Σχέδιο Ὁμήρ…

Plow Stories

Read by SweetHome

Clara Dillingham Pierson

This book tells of the important role of the plow, starting from its humble beginnings and how the plow has changed over time. This is achi…

The Sikh Religion: Its Gurus, Sacred Writings and Authors, Volume 4

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Max Arthur Macauliffe

This is one of the first (and still one of the few) comprehensive books about the Sikh religion in the English language. MacAuliffe had exte…

Rogue's Gallery - Two File Fixes

Blondes Prefer Gentlemen & Snowbound Rogue's Gallery - Two File Fixes October 4, 1945 - May 9, 1946 These are the correct Rogue's Galler…

Doctor Thorne (version 2)

Read by Nick Whitley

Anthony Trollope

This is the third book in The Chronicles of Barsetshire, the first two being The Warden and Barchester Towers; however, although some charac…

Antología de Cuentos Fantásticos

Read by LibriVox Volunteers


El cuento fantástico es la narración de la realidad que mezcla elementos reales e irreales, extraños e inexplicables, c…

The Side of the Angels

Read by Simon Evers

Basil King

The book is set in New England in the early 20th century in an old established community where times are rapidly changing but nonetheless th…

Shakespeare Sonnet 29

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

William Shakespeare

LibriVox volunteers bring you 32 recordings of Sonnet 29 by William Shakespeare. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for April 23, 2019…

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