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Is the Higher Criticism Scholarly?

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Robert Dick Wilson

What Robert Dick Wilson then believed, and now believes with all his heart is this: that textual and historical Biblical controversies shoul…

A Treatise on Death

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Otho Wermullerus

A most fruitful, pithy and learned treatise, how a Christian man ought to behave himself in the danger of death and how they are to be relie…

Christus Consolator: Words for Hearts in Trouble

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Handley Carr Glyn Moule

This book is intended principally to remind those whose hearts the European War has stricken of the hope and comfort which lie ready for the…

On Subjects Connected with the Christian Ministry

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Richard Cecil

A collection of brief observations about the Christian ministry, grouped thematically. "On my first intercourse with Mr. Cecil, now u…

Homiletics: Classification of Divisions

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William Paxton

This lecture comes from Paxton's Homiletics (preaching) class at Princeton Seminary. The 'classification of divisions' refers to different s…

Seed Thoughts

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Joseph Caryl

There is a work which few men possess, and which we are assured that no man alive ever ventured to read through. It is in two mighty folios,…

The Heart of Christ in Heaven towards Sinners on Earth

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Thomas Goodwin

A Treatise demonstrating the Gracious Disposition and Tender Affection of Christ, in his Human Nature now in Glory, unto his Members, under …


In To My Younger Brethren

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Handley Moule and Handley Carr Glyn Moule

Let me explain in this first sentence that when in these pages I address "my Younger Brethren," I mean brethren in the Christian M…

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