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Lamentation of a Sinner

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Catherine Parr

The Lamentation of a Sinner was written in 1544, the year where Parr took on the role of Regent for a number of months when Henry VIII was f…

Essays and Reviews

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Charles Hodge

Charles Hodge, one of America's foremost theologians, founded the Princeton Review (originally 'Biblical Repertory') in 1825. Hodge took the…


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John Newton

Four Letters to a Minister of an Independent Church by a Minister of the Church of England Quid me alta silentia cogis rumpere? - Virgil (&…

Charles Simeon

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Handley Carr Glyn Moule

Charles Simeon had come up to King’s college from Eton, a wild undergraduate, famous for his love of horses and extravagance in dress; but o…

Some Passages of the Life and Death of the Right Honourable John, Earl of Roche…

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Gilbert Burnet

I believe that the good Bishop of Salisbury's account of the last days of poor young Rochester would, if carefully read, make more impressio…

Meditations and Prayers

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John Bradford

The writings of Bradford, as a chaplain and friend of Bishop Ridley, are of interest to all churchmen; and they embrace topics of deep impor…

Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity, Book 1

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Richard Hooker

Hooker resolved to investigate the position of the English Church, and to attempt to answer the question What is the basis upon which Church…

The Power of God unto Salvation

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Benjamin B. Warfield

The sermons included in this volume have all been preached in the chapel of the theological seminary at Princeton. - Summary by Cover Page

Hosea: from The Holy Bible with Original Notes

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Thomas Scott

Hosea, whose prophecy we now enter upon, exercised his sacred office for a great many years: he predicted the captivity of the ten Tribes lo…

Three Homilies concerning the Power of Demons

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St. John Chrysostom

These homilies deal with errors against which Chrysostom throughout his life most strenuously contended. In an age of great depravity there …

The Analogy of Religion to the Constitution and Course of Nature

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Joseph Butler

Joseph Butler's great work is the Analogy, published in 1736, and from that day read and admired by every highly-cultivated mind. He was ind…


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Frederick William Faber

There are several ways in which we may treat of the mysteries of the Three-and-Thirty Years of our dearest Lord. We may look at each of them…

A Dissertation on the Inspiration of the New Testament

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Philip Doddridge

Doddridge defines 'inspiration' and explains in what sense the New Testament writers are self-aware in their claim to it and the logical inc…

Two Short Catechisms

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John Owen

The first edition of these Catechisms issued from the press in 1645. Dr Owen had at that time the charge of the parish of Fordham in Essex, …

Lectures on Butler's Analogy

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Thomas Chalmers

Thomas Chalmers had read, when a young man, several infidel productions. Their semblance of logic and learning, and supercilious confidence …

A Word to the Weary

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William S. Plumer

Sin and sorrow are twin sisters. They were born the same day. They have grown up together. It is as idle to say that there is no misery as t…

The B. B. Warfield Collection, Volume 5

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Benjamin B. Warfield

This volume of the B.B. Warfield collection has a particular focus on articles on humanity, emotional terminology in the Bible and book revi…

Commentary on Hebrews Chapter 8

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John Owen

I should rejoice if any of you felt emboldened on . my advice to grapple with a work so ponderous as Owen’s Commentary on that Epistle - a l…

The Righteous Man's Refuge

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John Flavel

A Treatise Upon the Attributes of God, As They are Opened in His Promises and Providences for the Security of His People in the Storms of Pu…

The Letters of John Knox

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John Knox

The letters... will perhaps more clearly exhibit the temper and character of Knox, than his more elaborate compositions: but to understand t…

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