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Die Liebe der Erika Ewald

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Stefan Zweig

Die junge Pianistin Erika trifft bei einer Abendgesellschaft auf einen vielversprechenden Geigenvirtuosen. Sofort voneinander angezogen, tre…

Paulownia: Seven Stories from Contemporary Japanese Writers

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Ōgai Mori

Paulownia is a collection of seven stories by three Japanese authors from the late 19th and early 20th century. Mori Ōgai was an army surgeo…

The Rider on the White Horse

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Theodor Storm

Hauke Haien, a young man of 24 years, has just beome dikemaster in Northern Frisia. Against the resistance of many of the townfolk, he has a…

Das Spinnennetz

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Joseph Roth

Theodor Lohse beschließt den 1. Weltkrieg als unbedeutender Leutnant und findet Arbeit als Hauslehrer beim reichen Juden Efrussi. Dort…

Lot No. 249

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Abercrombie Smith, Edward Bellingham and William Monkhouse Lee are three students at Oxford University, sharing adjacent lodgings. When peop…

Treatise on Light

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Christiaan Huygens

Treatise on Light was published in 1690 and is probably the largest scientific volume on light published before Newton's Opticks. The book e…

The Tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen Vol. 1

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Howard Carter and Arthur C. Mace

On 26 November 1922, after eight years of work in the Valley of the Kings, archeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen, …

Staatsvertrag betreffend die Wiederherstellung eines unabhängigen und demokrati…

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Der Staatsvertrag betreffend die Wiederherstellung eines unabhängigen und demokratischen Österreich, wurde am 15. Mai 1955 in Wien…

A Color Notation

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Albert Henry Munsell

A Color Notation is a method developed by A. H. Munsell in order to produce a unified system of color classification. The system identifies …

Der Prozess

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Franz Kafka

Aus heiterem Himmel sieht sich der Prokurist Josef K. eines Verbrechens angeklagt. Die Art der Anklage wird ihm nicht mitgeteilt, auch n&aum…

The History of the Suez Canal

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Ferdinand de Lesseps

A lively picture of the origin and completion of the Suez Canal (built between 1859 and 1869) and his architect, Vicomte de Lesseps. This is…


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Kenjiro Tokutomi

Nami-ko, a young woman of a noble Japanese family, has recently married the naval officer Takeo, the only heir of a friend of her father's. …

El Filibusterismo (The Reign of Greed)

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José Rizal

The Philippines, still a Spanish colony, are more or less run by the Catholic friars, and with an iron fist.. However, here and there are po…

Tales from Jókai

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Mór Jókai

Móric Jókay de Ásva, known as Mór Jókai or Maurus Jokai, was a Hungarian dramatist and novelist. He was a…

Korea and Her Neighbors

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Isabella L. Bird

In this book, Isabella L. Bird, who had been elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society only 2 years prior, describes her travels th…

The Wind

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Dorothy Scarborough

After her mother's death, Letty is forced to move in with her only relative, cousin Bev. From the start, the naive 18-year-old finds it diff…

The Principles of Secularism

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George J. Holyoake

George Jacob Holyoake was an English secularist and newspaper editor. He was one of the last people convicted for blasphemy and served six m…


In Arts and Crafts Essays

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A series of essays by Members of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society with a preface by William Morris who writes "It is this conscio…


In Gutenberg and the Art of Printing

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Emily Clemens Pearson

This book is readable account of one of the greatest inventions of modern time: moveable type. Gutenberg's work lays the foundation for the …


In Joaquin, the Claude Duval of California; or, The Marauder of the Mines: a Roman…

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Henry L. Williams

Joaquin Murrieta was a famous Californio bandit, known as the "Robin Hood of El Dorado".Joaquin Murrieta was the son of worthy par…

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