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12 - Corra Harris

In The Women Who Make Our Novels

Read by Mike Pelton

Grant M. Overton

”This book, the rather unpremeditated production of several months’ work, is by a man who is not a novelist and who is therefore entirely un…

One of the 28th - a Tale of Waterloo

Read by Mike Harris

G. A. Henty

A tale of Victorian-style romance, maritime battles and even the penultimate Napoleonic battle - Waterloo. (Introduction by Mike Harris)

Selected Short Stories

Read by Mike Harris

P. G. Wodehouse

A miscellaneous collection of short stories, not featuring any of Wodehouse's regular characters, most concern love and romance and, being W…

The Dragon and the Raven: Or The Days of King Alfred

Read by Mike Harris

G. A. Henty

During the reign of King Alfred, Danish forces have invaded the English countryside. Although the English try to repulse these attacks, they…

The Tiger of Mysore

Read by Mike Harris

G. A. Henty

During the Indian war with Tippoo Saib, 15 year old Dick Holland and his mother set out from England to find and rescue his father, shipwrec…

At Agincourt - White Hoods of Paris

Read by Mike Harris

G. A. Henty

The story begins in a grim feudal castle in Normandie. The times were troublous, and soon the king compelled Lady Margaret de Villeroy, with…

Plain Tales from the Hills

Read by Mike Harris

Rudyard Kipling

Named a "prophet of British imperialism" by the young George Orwell, and born in Bombay, India, Rudyard Kipling had perhaps the cl…

On the Irrawaddy, A Story of the First Burmese War

Read by Mike Harris

G. A. Henty

With the exception of the terrible retreat from Afghanistan, none of England's many little wars have been so fatal--in proportion to the num…

Chapter 25

In The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Read by Mike Harris

Rudolf Erich Raspe

The stories about Münchhausen were first collected and published by an anonymous author in 1781. An English version was published in Lo…

Ch 13: The Bottom of the Abyss, pt 1 (4300 words)

In Hypatia

Read by Mike Harris

Charles Kingsley

Charles Kingsley (June 12 1819 - January 23 1875) was an English divine, university professor, historian, and novelist, particularly associa…

The Body-Snatcher

In Short Mystery Story Collection 007

Read by Mike Harris

Robert Louis Stevenson

Librivox’s Short Mystery Story Collection 007: a collection of 16 short works of mysterious fiction in the public domain read by a group of …

00 - Introduction

In A Book of Old English Ballads

Read by Mike Harris

George Wharton Edwards

In this selection... the aim has been to bring within moderate compass a collection of these songs of the people which should fairly represe…