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The City of Dreadful Night and Other Poems

Read by MoonLylith

James Thomson

While primarily known for being pessimistic, the poetry of James Thomson (1834-1882) is also beautiful and psychologically complex. This 190…

The Spring Song

Read by MoonLylith

Forrest Reid

A deceptive tale, The Spring Song seems at first glance to be standard Edwardian adventure. Grif - A boy on holiday with his siblings - mus…


In Sea Drift from Leaves of Grass

Read by MoonLylith

Walt Whitman

Sea Drift is a set of 11 poems which make up part of Walt Whitman's larger collection Leaves of Grass. The poems were inspired by Whitman's…

Chapter 22

In Harry Dee; or Making it Out

Read by MoonLylith

Francis J. Finn and Francis J. Finn, S.J.

Harry Dee, a nervous, sensitive boy, given to somnambulism, arrives at St. Maure's following his experiences involving the murder of his ric…

Written in November

In Short Poetry Collection 222

Read by MoonLylith

John Clare

This is a collection of 44 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for November 2021.

Book II, Chapters 16 to 21

In The History of Rome, volume 1

Read by MoonLylith

Titus Livius

The History of Rome (Ab Urbe Condita) is a history of ancient Rome, written in Latin by Livy (Titus Livius) between 27 and 9 BC, covering th…

Corby Castle, Cumberland

In The Haunted Homes and Family Traditions of Great Britain

Read by MoonLylith

John Henry Ingram

Possibly no part in the world is more connected in our minds to hauntings, ghost sightings and gruesome legends than Great Britain with its …

The Meeting of David and Jonathan

In Short Poetry Collection 221

Read by MoonLylith

John Addington Symonds

This is a collection of 48 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for October 2021.

Chapter 17 - Camping Out in Your Back Yard

In Things Worth Doing and How To Do Them

Read by MoonLylith

Lina Beard

You will find many interesting games and craft projects for children here. If you hear something interesting, following the link in the low…

Chapter the Seventh: Love And Death. Parts 8 and 9

In The Dream: a novel

Read by MoonLylith

H. G. Wells

The story is set in a Utopian future. On an excursion, Sarnac, relates his vivid dream to his friends and recounts how he lived the entire l…