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The North West Passage -The Gjöa Expedition 1903-1907 (Volume I)

Read by Steven Seitel

Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen and six hearty seafarers tackle the North West Passage in search of the elusive wandering magnetic North Pole. (Summary by St…

In Quest of El Dorado

Read by Steven Seitel

Stephen Graham

Lively (and often unsparing) descriptions of the people, places, and customs that the author encounters as he attempts to retrace the steps …

An Introduction to the History of Science

Read by Steven Seitel

Walter Libby

A highly accessible introductory history of the development of scientific thought, method, and application from the first practical concepts…

The North West Passage -The Gjöa Expedition 1903-1907 (Volume II)

Read by Steven Seitel

Roald Amundsen

Volume II of Roald Amundsen's The Northwest Passage. Roald Amundsen and six hearty seafarers in the tiny sloop Gjöa are the first to ma…

In the Heart of Africa

Read by Steven Seitel

Samuel White Baker

A wonderfully readable condensation of two of Baker's earlier, longer works recounting his self-sponsored expeditions into the Dark Continen…

The Romance of Excavation

Read by Steven Seitel

David Masters

The Romance of Excavation: A Record of the Amazing Discoveries in Egypt, Assyria, Troy, Crete, etc., with Twenty-Nine Illustrations, From t…

The Last Secrets

Read by Steven Seitel

John Buchan

The author, John Buchan, maintains that "the main lines of the earth's architecture have been determined" during the first two dec…

The Wreck of the Corsaire

Read by Steven Seitel

William Clark Russell

This book was published in 1897. When cabin passenger Mr. Catesby climbs into the rigging of the Ruby in search of cooler air, he is struck …

The Count's Chauffeur

Read by Steven Seitel

William Le Queux

When car-crazy George Ewart accepts employment as chauffeur to Count Bindo di Ferraris, an Italian aristocrat, he has no idea what he has ju…

The Lost Mr. Linthwaite

Read by Steven Seitel

J. S. Fletcher

A quest to track down his missing uncle (Mr. Linthwaite) leads investigative journalist Richard Brixey to the mysterious medieval town of Si…

Round About a Great Estate

Read by Steven Seitel

Richard Jefferies

John Richard Jefferies (1848-1887) wrote of country life, natural history, and agricultural practice at a time when the industrial revolutio…

California Desert Trails

Read by Steven Seitel

Joseph Smeaton Chase

"I fell an easy prey to the beckonings of the other principal feature of California's topography, the dreamy, dreary desert. Long ago, …

Money to Burn, An Adventure Story

Read by Steven Seitel

Reginald Wright Kauffman

From the dedication: "On a train by day, or abed by night, you will read "Money to Burn" and immediately forget it--which is …

In the Land of Cave and Cliff Dwellers

Read by Steven Seitel

Frederick Schwatka

An adventurer and explorer of no mean repute, Lieutenant Frederick Schwatka leads an expedition by mule train into the forbidding Sierra Mad…

From Pole to Pole: A Book for Young People

Read by Steven Seitel

Sven Hedin

This book was first published in 1912. It is a simplified English translation of the author's Från pol till pol: genom Asien och Europ…

The Cruise of the Falcon - A Voyage to South America in a 30-Ton Yacht

Read by Steven Seitel

Edward Frederick Knight

In this fine sailing and exploring yarn, Edward Frederick Knight (1852-1925), sometime English barrister, journalist, sportsman, and amateur…

The Wild North Land, The Story of a Winter Journey with Dogs across Northern No…

Read by Steven Seitel

William Francis Butler

This book was published in 1910. Not only do Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun, but it seems that sometimes they venture …

Tutankhamen: and the Discovery of His Tomb by the Late Earl of Carnarvon and Mr…

Read by Steven Seitel

Sir Grafton Elliot Smith

(From the Introduction) “Never before in the history of archaeological inquiry has any event excited such immediate and world-wide interest …

Peaks of Shala

Read by Steven Seitel

Rose Wilder Lane

This book was published in 1923. From the author's own Introduction: "I would not have this book considered too seriously. It is not an…

A History of California: The Spanish Period

Read by Steven Seitel

Charles Edward Chapman

If you have ever wondered why Spain (and not Japan, which was so so much better positioned to do it) was first to “settle” the Golden State,…

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