Action & Adventure

De Schat in het Zilvermeer

Read by Bart de Leeuw

Karl May

In deze roman die in het wilde westen van circa 1870 speelt, portretteert Karl May de reis van een groep jagers (door Karl May West-mannen g…

Young Folks' Treasury, Volume 3

Read by Ellen Preckel

Hamilton Wright Mabie

Another wonderful compilation of stories edited by Hamilton Wright Mabie! This volume, the 3rd of 12, contains 2 main sections: Classic Tale…

The Dark

Read by Lee Smalley

Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev

The Dark is a novella about a desperate young man, a “terrorist and nihilist”, trying to avoid arrest by taking refuge in a brothel. The sto…

Miss Cayley's Adventures

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Grant Allen

Fun stories of Miss Lois Cayley, independent young woman, as she, beginning with only twopence in her pocket, travels the world. (Summary by…

The Chronicles of Count Antonio

Read by Brett W. Downey

Anthony Hope

How it fell out that Count Antonio, a man of high lineage, forsook the service of his Prince, disdained the obligation of his rank, set law …

Monsieur Beaucaire

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

Booth Tarkington

A madcap Frenchman posing as an ambassador's barber blackmails a dishonest duke to introduce him as a nobleman to a wealthy belle of Bath. S…

The Delafield Affair

Read by Bill Boerst

Florence Finch Kelly

New Mexico's hot, dry winds are taking their toll: cattle suffer long treks to get food and water. But it is not just a hard time for them. …

The Rover Boys on the Great Lakes

Read by VfkaBT

Arthur M. Winfield

The continuing saga of those rambunctious Rover Boys, brothers Dick, Tom, and Sam, takes them to the Great Lakes region of the northern U.S.…

The Book of All Power

Read by Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)

Edgar Wallace

The Book of All Power by Edgar Wallace is set in London at the beginning, and then the action moves to Russia. The story covers the period f…

Smugglers' Reef

Read by VfkaBT

Harold L. Goodwin

Seventh entry in the Rick Brant Science Mystery Adventure series has Rick and buddy Scott using infrared technology on the trail of smugglin…

Kuning Hartfest

Read by Bernd Ungerer

Christoph David Friedrich Weinland

Nach dem großen Erfolg von ‚Rulaman‘ schrieb David Friedrich Weinland ein weiteres Buch. Diesmal spielt die Geschichte in der Zeit der…

The Submarine Boys' Lightning Cruise

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Victor G. Durham

Captain Jack Benson and Hal Hastings have been sailing in torpedo submarines a while now. But, there is new danger that they will have to g…

De Vandrande Djäknarne

Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)

Viktor Rydberg

Viktor Rydberg (1828-1895) was one of Sweden's most important authors in the 19th century, between Almqvist and Strindberg. The novel De van…

Down South or Yacht Adventure in Florida

Read by Stevan Simmons

Oliver Optic and William Taylor Adams

"Down South" is the fifth and last volume but one of the "Great Western Series." The action of the story is confined ent…

Cripps the Carrier

Read by Keith Salis

Richard Doddridge Blackmore

Esther Cripps, the younger sister of the Carrier, Zacchary Cripps, witnesses the disposal of what appears to be the body of the only daughte…

The Snare

Read by pmstrahm

Rafael Sabatini

A story of burning jealousy and romance set in the British peninsula campaign against Napoleon. A British officers family is ensnared by mis…

A Dash for a Throne

Read by Crln Yldz Ksr

Arthur W. Marchmont

The young Count von Rudloff got himself into so much trouble with the Imperial Family in Berlin, that he sees no other way out of it than to…

The Splendid Outcast

Read by Tony Oliva

George Gibbs

_What else?_—What else had happened? Something to do with the remarkable likeness between himself and Harry? The likeness,—so strong that on…

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