De Gedenkschriften van Jozef Grimaldi de Clown

Read by Marcel Coenders

Charles Dickens

De door Charles Dickens bewerkte autobiografie van Joseph Grimaldi (1778-1837). De eerste clown die zijn gezicht wit schminkte.

Life of Frances Power Cobbe as Told by Herself

Read by Ciufi Galeazzi

Frances Power Cobbe

Frances Power Cobbe was an important Irish-Anglo writer, suffragist, anti-vivisectionist, philosopher, and reformer of the mid to late 1800s…

Religio Journalistici

Read by David Wales

Christopher Morley

The great Canadian journalist and humorist ruminates and reflects upon his life and calling in this 1924 little gem. - Summary by david wale…

Anglo-American Memories

Read by David Wales

George Washburn Smalley

“These Memories [1911] were written in the first instance for Americans and have appeared week by week each Sunday in the New York Tribune….…

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