The Autobiography of a "Newspaper Girl"

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Elizabeth L. Banks

Elizabeth Banks was an American journalist and author. She grew up in Wisconsin, then lived in England the last forty years of her life. She…

Letters from a Prairie Garden

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Edna W. Underwood

The "Letters from a Prairie Garden," are genuine letters and not fiction. They went through the mail. An explanatory word about th…

Our New Zealand Cousins

Read by Beeswaxcandle

James Inglis

A travelogue of a trip through New Zealand in 1885 with panegyric descriptions of the scenery, elucidations of the progress the country had …

The Memoirs of Chateaubriand Volume V

Read by Nicole Lee

François-René de Chateaubriand

The memoirs of Chateaubriand continue in Volume 5, with the author, now a grand hommes des lettres, still in the thick of political events, …

Aus dänischer Zeit

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Charlotte Niese

Charlotte Niese war eine beliebte deutsche Schriftstellerin des späten neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. Diese autobiographischen Skizzen zeige…

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